A patriot is someone who feels a strong support for their country. (See also Patriotism.) The term may also refer to:

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  1. Siglvr

    Interesting article on "patriot" radio gear and channel frequencies

    Militia and patriots, who knew. Anyway, thought it was an interesting article although it appears to be dated and uses a lot of triggering words. Remember that if you use Ham to transmit, you need a easily procured license. Finding a transmitter is easy and a fun game for ham operators, google...
  2. 1Asterisk

    The Patriot Nurse - This Girl Gets It.

    It's not just Oregon, or Washington, or California. It IS nationwide. Their is no voting our way out of this. ALERT: Assault Weapon' Registration/Confiscation in Illinois. - YouTube
  3. deadeye

    Very well stated

    This guy is good. I know it's older but very relevant.
  4. Tony617

    Patriot Nurse - Cheap Dollar Tree Medical Supplies - Prepping Low on Cash

  5. ron

    Clark College Patriot Prayer Pro 2nd Amendment Rally

    Monday 10/22 Patriot Prayer Rally in Vancouver. Who's going? Antifa girly men may show up if mom can give them a ride. But Portland Police won't be there to protect them? :eek: The only fighting Antifa losers have ever seen is in a video game.:p Don't wrestle with a pig. You both are going...
  6. C

    Oregon  Patriot Prayers Portland Rally Site Could Allow Supporters To Bring Guns

    Patriot Prayer's Portland rally site could allow supporters to bring guns
  7. DuneHopper

    Ode to the Patriot

    As we have many rallies coming about soon and many more to comes. :s0160: As our civil rights flicker, they can not kill the flame the patriot stands tall until their dying day. Fueled by love of country and freedom , he will stand tall by the line never falter never fail there for all. We...
  8. S

    National  Kraft flies protesters on Patriot aircraft

    Kraft the owner of the NE Patriots flew anti gun protesters from Florida to Washington on the teams plane.
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