Combo may refer to:
A small musical ensemble, especially in jazz
Combo Waterhole, a real location in Australia, believed to be the inspiration for Waltzing Matilda
Combo meal, a group of menu items offered together at a lower price than they would cost individually
The Big Combo, a 1955 film noir
COMBO, or COMBO Culture Kidnapper, a French street artist
Combos, a popular snack food
The No WTO Combo, a punk rock band
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, a Salsa band
Combo (video gaming), a combination of moves used in computer games
Striking combination, a combination of strikes
T.J. Combo, a character from the video game Killer Instinct
A guitar amplifier incorporating one or more loudspeakers in the same case as the electronics
Combo organ, a type of portable electronic organ popular in the 1960s
Combo box, a widget in computer graphics
Opel Combo, van produced by Opel since 1994
A character from This is England

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