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  1. Kenneth6336

    New NW Oregon shooter

    Not new to shooting but recently just purchased my first personal firearms. I also built a couple ARs that still need to be test fired.
  2. S

    Hillsboro Elks annual turkey shoot

    Sorry for the last minute notice but the Hillsboro Elks are having the annual turkey shoot tomorrow. All are welcome to come out. Proceeds benefit the lodges annual Christmas project. Raffle tickets will be available at the event.
  3. H

    Hillsboro Gun Show

    I took in the Hillsboro show today with my lovely wife. I was not impressed at all, the show was very small and prices were on the high side. It looks like the shows are scaling down in size and attendance in Oregun... They had 1 good knife vendor that sold quality blades at a decent price, but...
  4. S

    lowest transfer fee in Hillsboro, OR area?

    Any intel on what shop has the lowest FFL private party transfer fee around Hillsboro-Forest Grove area?
  5. glory26od

    Hello everyone new from Hillsboro OR.

    Hello everyone new from Hillsboro OR.
  6. Mike97124

    Looking for Revolver Gunsmith in Hillsboro Area

    Hi, I was doing some Google searches about guns and ammunition and came across this site from my local area, so I decided to join. :) I'm also looking for recommendations for a gunsmith in the Hillsboro area. I recently had my dad's Smith & Wesson .38 Special Fourth Change revolver (from...
  7. F

    Hi from Hillsboro, OR

    New shooter currently in Hillsboro, Oregon, but maybe moving closer to the Portland area in the next few months. I recently moved from New York City, where all things gun-related is surrounded by a huge murky cloud of fear and misinformation. After learning how to handle a gun a few weeks ago...
  8. M

    Long time resident of Portland area from the Midwest...

    Hello everyone! I've been in the NW area for about 8 years now. I mainly grew up in the Midwest. I enjoy shooting and used to shoot regularly, I've done my own reloads as well, mostly handguns. I would like to hopefully meet up with some awesome people in the Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro...
  9. Cogs

    Information for Target Shooting on Public Land, July 28

    Location: Sportsman's Warehouse, 18645 NW Tanasbourne Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Free and open to the public. The class will cover topics such as: Where to shoot? What to shoot? How to be legal? Are there any rules? Can I shoot milk jugs and propane tanks? Tannerite? Tracer Rounds? Group...
  10. Lazyfaire

    Hillsboro GS has been cancelled this weekend

    Due to a conflict with the National Guard the GS in Hillsboro has been cancelled
  11. RicInOR

    Oregon  Man killed in officer-involved shooting in Hillsboro

    Don't be like this guy - and shoot a Firearm at the police. Limited details. Man killed in officer-involved shooting in Hillsboro
  12. LMT10mm

    Hillsboro Vechicle Break In

    Howdy Friends, For those of you in the Hillsboro area, please be diligent and watch where you park, specifically if you work out at LA Fitness off of Imbre. On Thursday 012518, some where between 1600-1730 my truck was broken into while I was at the gym. I was parked on the field side of...
  13. RicInOR

    Best Food in Hillsboro

    Say 185th (east Hillsboro) to Baseline (OR 8 at that point) @ Walnut (west end) I typically don't find food west of Corn-Pass. What do you like / where to get it? I do like ABV for pub food - Next door to Beavercreek Armory (no side of 26 @ Brookwood) and the beer supplies are there...
  14. MaruSan

    Ccw class in Hillsboro area?

    There was a thread on this a couple years ago, but does anyone have info on ccw classes around Hillsboro? I know mk tactical does one and Beavercreek does one. Anyone else? And how does it go as far as getting the Oregon permit? You take (and pay for) the class, and then there's a fee you pay...
  15. ElSapo

    Hello from Hillsboro

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the site. I came across the site looking for an answer to a question I had in regards to transferring of firearms. My wife's grandfather, who lives in Idaho, gave me his hand gun and I want to be sure I go about this the right way...
  16. etrain16

    Oregon  Hillsboro Airport - Masked Gunman Grabs Helicopter - Confronted by CHL Holders

    Just heard about this on the news - awaiting more details, but here is a rundown: A masked gunman hops the fence at Hillsboro Airport, approaches a running helicopter with a flight instructor and his girlfriend inside - orders them out and fires a round into the ground when they don't move fast...
  17. Whitebeard

    New from Hillsboro

    Transplanted last year and still finding my way around. I have lived in NorCal, Hawaii, Montana, Bend and now Hillsboro. I sold off my entire shop with the last move but have been making custom hunting knives for about 15 years. My interest have been shaped by available activities. I shot for...
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