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  1. ATCclears

    Hügelkultur for growing food - anyone done it?

    Experiences? Recommendations? Example:
  2. A

    Texas Food Shortage. Who's Fault Was It That A Family Didn't Have Food? Was it the fault of the electric co-ops, the government, the grocery stores, the neighbors, mother nature? This guy has an opinion, I share. If you were asked to provide advice to one of the...
  3. A

    30 Day Grid Down Food Prep Challenge.

    For the Month of March (minus one day), I am not going to use any electricity for my food prep or storage needs. No electric range/oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, coffee maker, blender, mixer, toaster, instant-pot, etc. All my food storage will have to be shelf stable and all heating will have...
  4. nwwoodsman

    Local Supplier of "Survival Food" (Oregon)

    With the U.S. gooberment about to return either $600 or $2000 of the money they've stolen out of my pay check, I plan on using a good portion of that to simultaneously stimulate local businesses and my pantry. I am looking for deals on either canned goods or long term freeze dried food buckets...
  5. RicInOR

    Thanksgiving - The Food Thread

    Good or Bad My worst Green Bean Casserole From the 1950's - canned green beans. Canned cream of mushroom soup. Horrible dish. You can make a new fresh version now, as beans are available, fresh. My...
  6. Mark W.

    FOOD for Saturday

    Well I made my Fish Stew. yellow potato's Diced Tomato's Scallops Shrimp Rock fish Chopped onions White Wine Clam juice Red pepper Garlic lemon zest The key is sauteing the fish shrimp and scallops in Orange juice and Red Chile sauce before adding them to the potato onion and tomato Then...
  7. T

    Gardening classes.

    Does anyone know of gardening (food) classes in the pdx metro area?
  8. Tony617

    Prepping Basics for SHTF FOOD

    This video is geared for people that have not been prepping before.
  9. Hueco

    Scotch Bonnets - Smoke, Char, or Leave 'em?

    It's been far too long since I've happened upon some scotch bonnet peppers, but saw some at that grocery store next to Cabela's while trying to kill some time. The plan is to set myself up with enough Jamaican Jerk to last until next summer. I've made some before with just the raw peppers...but...
  10. A

    Extremely low food budget plan ideas for a $20 a week?

    If you had to eat on $20 a week what would you buy? Assume roughly 2500 calories a day for calorie requirement.
  11. kbf64

    Lessons Learned From a Decade of Food Storage
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