1. B

    ReadyWise Emergency Food

    For those looking for some long-term food storage and who happen to have (or know someone who has) a Costco membership... I was wandering around there today for the first time in ages and saw that they have ReadyWise emergency food kits in stock. A 124-serving (~12 day) bucket is ~$60, and a...
  2. B

    Reasonable amount of food to store?

    I went nuts last year. 140lbs of rice, 100lbs if beans, 60lbs pasta, 150lbs pancake mix, months worth of mountain house, canned foods, bags and bags of cous cous, etc. As I keep downsizing my stuff, I'm wondering what is a reasonable amount of food to keep on hand? Like 3 months worth? Which...
  3. PaulF

    Food challenges or BIG EATS.

    Post up best place to get your grub on, or preferably places that have food challenges. I fast for 2 weeks every month and my fast ends Friday I'm looking to and smash on Friday and probably Saturday too. Thinking I want to go and try Junkyard extreme up by Junction city. I'll post up...
  4. Lennie

    Pet food shortages leave owners on the hunt for kibble and cat treats
  5. arakboss

    Hacker attacks getting redic. Fuel and no Food.
  6. D

    Help with longterm food storage. Possible opportunity

    Back in 2011 I did my first round of having a proper longterm food strategy for our young family. Now that the kids are out of the house and we are downsizing our home I am wondering what to do with our supply of #10 can LDS sourced food. Our local Parish food pantry only works with store...
  7. 0GRE

    Legislating the US into food shortages

    My tin-foil hat may be on a bit too tight but a couple things came to my attention this week which have me looking to buying more property for the purpose of gardening and keeping some protein on hand: My wife has a friend, from college, who lives in the Fresno area. That family (three...
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