Information is that which informs. In other words, it is the answer to a question of some kind. It is thus related to data and knowledge, as data represents values attributed to parameters, and knowledge signifies understanding of real things or abstract concepts. As it regards data, the information's existence is not necessarily coupled to an observer (it exists beyond an event horizon, for example), while in the case of knowledge, the information requires a cognitive observer.
At its most fundamental, information is any propagation of cause and effect within a system. Information is conveyed either as the content of a message or through direct or indirect observation of anything. That which is perceived can be construed as a message in its own right, and in that sense, information is always conveyed as the content of a message.
Information can be encoded into various forms for transmission and interpretation (for example, information may be encoded into a sequence of signs, or transmitted via a sequence of signals). It can also be encrypted for safe storage and communication.
Information reduces uncertainty. The uncertainty of an event is measured by its probability of occurrence and is inversely proportional to that. The more uncertain an event, the more information is required to resolve uncertainty of that event. The bit is a typical unit of information, but other units such as the nat may be used. Example: information in one "fair" coin flip: log2(2/1) = 1 bit, and in two fair coin flips is log2(4/1) = 2 bits.
The concept that information is the message has different meanings in different contexts. Thus the concept of information becomes closely related to notions of constraint, communication, control, data, form, education, knowledge, meaning, understanding, mental stimuli, pattern, perception, representation, and entropy.

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  1. Gaucho Gringo

    Need Mosin Nagant Information

    Hi, as stated I need some MN info. I have a 1943 dated Izhevsk rifle. The serial number starts with CH and has 4 numbers after that. The bolt, buttplate and the trigger group all have the 4 digits of the serial number but not the CH prefix. I am trying to figure out what I have here. On another...
  2. Joe Link

    Section Information: Test Area

    This section is for members to learn and test features of the Northwest Firearms website.
  3. sw20matt

    930 JM Pro loading port mod - Gun Information

    So I have been looking around a lot for info about removing the model and caliber on this shotgun as mossberg in its infinite wisdom decided to put the info right in front of the loading port. I know law says that this information needs to be on the firearm, has anyone relocated it or is...
  4. Weebs

    Looking for information on my classic 1894 30 wcf.

    (This gun is not for sale, this gun will not be put up for sale) Backstory: 30ish years ago my grandfather gave me this rifle when I started hunting. He knew it was very old and he made me agree that I would use it and it wouldn't sit around collecting dust. It has harvested a lot of deer...
  5. Cogs

    Target Shooting on Public Land, July 28, Information Class

    Location: Sportsman's Warehouse, 18645 NW Tanasbourne Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Free and open to the public. The class will cover topics such as: Where to shoot? What to shoot? How to be legal? Are there any rules? Can I shoot milk jugs and propane tanks? Tannerite? Tracer Rounds? Group...
  6. Cogs

    Information for Target Shooting on Public Land, July 28

    Location: Sportsman's Warehouse, 18645 NW Tanasbourne Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97124 Free and open to the public. The class will cover topics such as: Where to shoot? What to shoot? How to be legal? Are there any rules? Can I shoot milk jugs and propane tanks? Tannerite? Tracer Rounds? Group...
  7. Chee-to

    CMP releases surplus 1911 information, prices

    CMP releases surplus 1911 information, prices 5/10/18 | by Chris Eger U.S. martial M1911s were in production from 1912-1945 from companies as diverse as Ithaca, Remington-UMC, Singer, and US&S. (Photo: National Archives) The Civilian Marksmanship Program is set to offer to the public 8,000...
  8. failsafe

    M1/M2 Magainzes - can someone help?

    I found these at an estate sale and was drawn to them. Pouch reads "74-P-142-705" and J.Q.M.D 1951 Some brass reads WRM 43, some reads WRM 44. From what I've gathered these are for an m1 or m2? the pouch was manufactured by JQMD in 1951. The ammo is Winchester, .30 cal and the stamp refers to...
  9. RicInOR

    Other State  Updated Information on Oaks Mall Shooting

    Updated Information on Oaks Mall Shooting from Ventura County Sheriff's Office : Nixle TL;dr - the Sheriff provided the handgun used to kill a woman - Sheriff failed to follow judges order. So, clearly we need to ban guns because the Sheriff's across the nation don't bother to do what they...
  10. S

    Need information about Oregon Precision /Ruger .22

    Hi, I recently bought an Oregon Precision .22 but can't find much information on it. One question is did OP change the firing pin stop pin? There seems to be a sleeve in not a full pin
  11. W

    Washington  Legislature Contact Information

    Here are links to spread sheet data with email and phone numbers for your representatives. House; excell format; plain text. Senate; excell format. The house data is complete with the information for each legislative assistant. I got lazy on the Senate data. ~Whitney
  12. RicInOR

    CCW Licencee Information Stolen - FL

    If you have a Florida CCL you are at risk. (License to carry concealed weapon or firearm.) Hackers Obtain Personal Information From Over 16,000 Florida Concealed-Weapons Licensees - Washington Free Beacon I don't know if they have 2 different licences, or if the one licence covers a broad...
  13. Baseacegoku

    Would you support universal background checks if no information about the purchase was collected?

    Before you read further know that I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment and love my guns. I am just curious as to what others thought about this idea. I had this thought the other day that maybe gun owners would be ok with universal background checks if there was no information...
  14. W

    Help Kak Industries lower parts

    Hello im new to the whole thred thing just so everyone knows lol. I have a question and it's probably been talked about before. But i recently ordered the kak Industries complete lower parts kit x2 minus the buffer tube directly from kak for obvious reasons the price was good pluse i got two...
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