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S42 | US Congress 2019-2020 | Background Check Expansion Act | TrackBill
(Also SB42)

Private Party Sales. How a Freedom Becomes a Felony

An excerpt: "... the pending bills are an unconstitutional expansion of congressional power specified in the Commerce Clause of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Therein, congress is granted oversight of inter state commerce. But the sale of firearms between two private parties living in the confines of the same state is clearly intra state commerce. ( Not interstate!) This simply is not within federal jurisdiction ... Thus, passing this law, congress would certainly be exceeding their authority".

via - Woodpile Report
Sponsors include:
US - Senator Maria Cantwell (D)
US - Senator Jeff Merkley (D)
US - Senator Patty Murray (D)
US - Senator Ron Wyden (D)

Seems like a dog whistle for their base. Curious why their unloading all these crap bills all at once. To desensitize perhaps?
Overstepping their Constitutional authority??? Since when has that ever stopped them???

Nah, this will die in the Senate after the Prez threatens a veto. They are whipping up the base for 2020.
In the name of health, safety and child protection we need to enact BGC to ensure prohibited persons don't have access to weed, abortions, raise the driving age to 21. Actually the military age also so children don't gain access to military grade weapons.

This is no less ridiculous than what is already being proposed and endorsed.
Not worth getting worked up about right now. This is just a feel-good measure to appease their base. They don't have the Senate or the Presidency, so this can't go anywhere. It's really not worth a minute of concern. For now.

But know that as soon as they get back the majority in the House and Senate and the Presidency again, they will most definitely pull this crap legislation out again, and they will pass it.

Your vote matters. Think ahead to 2020, 2022, 2024, etc. Any chance you have to prevent the anti-gun folks from getting majorities in Salem, Olympia, Boise, WA DC, etc., take that opportunity to use your vote to stop them. Otherwise, what we're seeing as their dream today, will become reality tomorrow.

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