Tigard may refer to:
Tigard, Oregon
Tigard is a panthera hybrid.

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  1. Lazyfaire

    Tigard pawn shop gets robbed

    A Tigard pawn shop was robbed of some jewelry a couple of weeks ago. As far as I know they haven't caught them yet, but there's always hope. Anyway, I'm just writing this to ask those on the westside to do some business there a couple of times to help them out. All That Glitters surely lost a...
  2. I

    Krav Maga in Westside PDX

    Portland's Krav Maga Self-Defense and Fitness is opening a new west side location in Tigard (across from Oregon Rifleworks). Grand opening is Saturday June 1st with free classes and membership specials. This is great self-defense training and exercise from certified (Krav Maga Worldwide)...
  3. Joe Link

    Oregon  Portland man gets 7 years in prison for theft of firearms from Tigard pawnshop

    Portland man gets 7 years in prison for theft of firearms from Tigard pawnshop
  4. arakboss

    Oregon  Tigard HS Students Are Having A Pro-2A Walkout May 2nd. Please Email Them Props.

    Here is Youtube video link with description of the event at the 6:00 minute mark of the video. Check the bottom of the screen during the video and one of the organizers email addresses pops up. I didn't post the email address here since I am not sure about the rules on that. My son is going to...
  5. Beemermike

    New Tigard Member saying hello

    I'm Mike New to this forum never been a member just scrolled the classifieds but decided after conversating tonight with a fellow gun enthusiast at a gun shop here in Tigard that I figured I'd officially join and share what I know and lean on other for what they know. Owner of many different...
  6. Joe Link

    Guns reported stolen from Tigard pawn shop

    <broken link removed>
  7. P

    Lake within an hour of tigard

    Does anyone know of a lake within an hour of Tigard I can go trout fishing?
  8. P

    I need an electrician in tigard

    Does anyone on here know of any good electricians in Tigard? I want to put some can lights in my living room and a 220v outlet in the garage.
  9. Newbuilder223

    Can I get a pm of a place to shoot close to Tigard/Sherwood?

    Finished my AR a couple weeks ago but haven't gotten a chance to shoot yet, I pack out whatever I pack in. Still pretty new to the area.
  10. P

    Outdoor shooting near tigard

    Hey guys I am new to the area and I don't know where I can go shoot legally outdoors here. I know BLM land is good to go but I am not familiar with any locations yet. Im sure this has been gone over a million times but I didnt find anything when I searched. Can you guys give me a list of place...
  11. N

    Northwest Armory Tigard Job Opening

    Northwest Armory Tigard is looking to fill a position for a cashier/salesperson. The applicant should be able to proficiently navigate computer systems, including running point of sale systems and running background checks through the online background check system. The applicant should be able...
  12. Newbuilder223

    Newbie here, Tigard

    Hey everyone, just saying hello and seeing who is in my neck of the woods, joining NWF because in the next couple months I plan on putting together my first AR and would like to pick the brains of those more experienced at this. I also am planning on getting into other builds in the year to come.
  13. JMac07

    New guy from Tigard

    Found the site through Google when searching for safe outdoor places to shoot on public land. The wife and I are planning to go target shooting this weekend and are excited to try out the recently renovated wolf creek rd range.
  14. Smitty79

    1" Plywood Near Tigard

    I'm planning to build some 1" thick wooden cabinets for ammo and reloading components. Lowes has some fancy stuff. Anyone know where to get some basic 1" thick plywood? 4x8 sheets would be perfect.
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