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for sale oregon

The Oregon School for the Blind (OSB), was a state-run public school in Salem, Oregon, United States, serving blind and vision impaired students of kindergarten through high school grades through residential, day school, and part-time enrollment programs. Opened in 1873, the school was operated by the Oregon Department of Education. The school's closure in 2009 had been the culmination of several years of contentious debate that continued after the closure when lawsuits were filed concerning the sale of the campus.

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  1. J

    Ruger "Night Watchman "

    LNIB "Night Watchman " Ruger Talo SR 1911 in 45acp, it has tritium 3 dot sights and will come with two 7 round magazines and all the stuff Ruger sent in the box
  2. C

    S&W M&P 9c 1.0 + more

    Hey All, I have a s&w m&p 9 compact 1.0 for sale $600.00 Comes with all the normal stuff you would get at purchase. (See photo) Also, comes with; Trijicon HD Pro Night sights Apex carry trigger kit installed. (Original trigger and parts will be provided) 1 extra talon grip 1 iwb holster...
  3. D

    WTS OR  Gun Powder x4 and primers

    I have 4 cans of sealed powder and 800 cci #500 small pistol primers. The powders are 1 can Imr4320, 1 can HP-38 and 2 cans Trail Boss. $75 for the lot. Lincoln City, Or