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  1. W

    Outdoor long range shooting? Southern WA, OR?

    Hello all, I'm looking for a 300-500 yard range for bolt action .308, that I can reach out and practice some long range shooting. I live near Vancouver, WA. I explored Jones Creek, most of it isn't flat like I thought it would be. Mostly motorcycle trails, etc. Unless I'm looking in the wrong...
  2. E

    Outdoor shooting area besides Browns camp

    Can any one recommend a outdoor shooting range near Hillsboro besides Browns camp.
  3. kmk1012

    Rimfire Scope for Indoor and Outdoor Suggestions.

    I’m a little illiterate when it comes to scope technology. I regularly shoot at our indoor 50(foot) range and have been less than impressed with several scopes. The crosshairs are blurry at that close of range. Is there a scope that has fine crosshairs, can be used at 50 feet as well as out to...
  4. UnionMillsNW

    Recommend an outdoor place near Missoula

    Hey folks, I'm out visiting family in Missoula. My nephew turns 16 this week and I'd like to take him plinking. What would be a good outdoor spot near the Missoula, MT area? Thanks!
  5. Hostility051

    Appleton - Hood River Outdoor Shooting Lanes?

    I will be staying at a friend's cabin just outside Appleton, WA. 40MIN. from Hood River, OR. Anybody know of any designated outdoor shooting lanes in that area?
  6. Phred

    Free Outdoor Cardboard Targets

    FREE in the Gresham area, two large targets mounted on cardboard. Made these up for outdoor shooting. Medical crap keeps me from going out now. Large one is 30" x 44", smaller one is 24" x 39".
  7. sidbruh

    Shooting Spots Near Moscow, Idaho/Pullman,Washington.

    Does anyone know where to go shooting out near Moscow, ID, Pullman, WA area? Preferably somewhere in the mountains or in a big open field. I have googled searched shooting spots out here but those posts were at least 5-7 years. I would like to stay away from indoor shootings ranges because I...
  8. CountryGent

    Favorite hunting and outdoor authors?

    I made another Amazon supply order today and whilst doing so bought a book by Robert Ruark that we don't have in the library at the present, with the faint hope of the schedule slowing down to get back to reading for fun. Which brings me to my question: who are some of your favorite hunting...
  9. R

    Outdoor shooting areas around Portland, OR

    So in light of everything going on and with the social distancing, I was wondering if anyone knows of outdoor shooting areas around Portland, that are within reasonable driving distance where one can go and just get out of the house and de-stress some. I looked at the list mentioned in the...
  10. StaticTorque

    Outdoor Shooting Area in Longview WA

    Seeing if anyone knows of anything close shooting areas in the Longview area. TIA
  11. A

    Washington Outdoor Shooting Areas

    The Klickitat County Firearms Training Facility near Dallesport, began operations on June 21, 2019. It is a brand new range operated by Klickitat County located on Highway 197 near the junction with Washington SR-14. It is just north of The Dalles, Oregon and offers pistol and rifle shooting to...
  12. winterveil

    Public Outdoor shooting areas near Bend/Redmond, OR?

    Howdy folks, I'm going to be down in Bend for a weekend later this month and would like to find a place to go shooting with a few friends. I'm aware of Zimmerman pit, but that'll be a bit of a trek; we'll be Northeast of Bend/ southeast of Redmond and would prefer a spot closer to there...
  13. B

    Outdoor Life Article: ATF - 'Assault Rifle' is a Bogus Term

    A little dated, but worth spreading: Boss
  14. S

    Washington  Ridgefield Outdoor Recreational Complex... CCW or No?

    Going to a Ridgefield Raptors baseball game tonight.... I believe they play at the Ridgefield Outdoor Rec Complex.... I know that was a joint venture with the Ridgefield school district.... Does this mean no CCW there? I suppose I'll see the signs, like they have at school facilities...
  15. Witsendidk

    Outdoor range near Portland?

    Ok so i know this question has probably been asked before but I'd like to find a free spot where i can bring my own steel target stands, for handguns and 10/22 (50-75 yds would be cool), ideally that would be relatively low key crowds wise on a weekday. Im fine with driving an hour or so out, i...
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