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A tax is a compulsory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed on a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a governmental organization in order to fund government spending and various public expenditures (regional, local, or national). A failure to pay in a timely manner, along with evasion of or resistance to taxation, is punishable by law. Taxes consist of direct or indirect taxes and may be paid in money or as its labour equivalent. The first known taxation took place in Ancient Egypt around 3000–2800 BC.
Most countries have a tax system in place, in order to pay for public, common, or agreed national needs and for the functions of government. Some levy a flat percentage rate of taxation on personal annual income, but most scale taxes are progressive based on brackets of annual income amounts. Most countries charge a tax on an individual's income as well as on corporate income. Countries or subunits often also impose wealth taxes, inheritance taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, use taxes, payroll taxes, duties and/or tariffs.
In economic terms, taxation transfers wealth from households or businesses to the government. This has effects that can both increase and reduce economic growth and economic welfare. Consequently, taxation is a highly debated topic.

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  1. P7M13

    California Passes 11% excise tax on guns and ammunition

    Non-paywall link to the article: An excerpt from the article: If it's anything like the high speed rail they passed in CA, it will be completely...
  2. gmerkt

    Washington legislative bills affecting property taxes this session

    There are two of concern to those who pay the bills. 1. HB 1628, which has to do with capital gains taxes. It is aimed at business and people with deep pockets. BUT: It also affects the sale of real property. It involves what is called the Real Estate Excise Tax, or REET. Which is a tax...
  3. arakboss

    Getting More ROI From Taxes Paid.

    It's that time of year again, when we are reminded of how much taxes we have paid. I would like to get a maximum return on my investment, from the governments I paid taxes to. What are some of the best ways of doing that? Edit: Here is a partial list of things they are spending my money on. I...
  4. NinjaTard

    Help Me Understand Inherited IRA

    Ok shortish version is my dad passed away in 2018, he was 62 and still working. I fought with his 401k provider HCA almost instantly as the eldest son/executor. They moved his balance to another HCA account in my name and then wouldn't let me log in without a 3-4 ID (a user name). I figured it...
  5. Lennie

    IRS: Stolen property must be reported as income on taxes

    Thieves are required to report the value of the stolen items as income and pay income taxes on that amount.
  6. Lennie

    The top 20% of taxpayers paid 78% of federal income taxes in 2020, according to the Tax Policy Center
  7. Flymph

    No taxes on small "firearms" in WV

    I'm not exactly sure how this is possible with federal taxes to consider, but I suppose it just means no state sales tax... also did I see boxes of CO2 canisters for air guns in that video? Honestly I feel a...
  8. CountryGent

    Thinking of adding SOT to FFL

    So I, or rather the company I setup, has been 01FFL licensed for some years. As a side hustle it hasn't been bad, though I really had to scale it back during 2020 due to nightmare that year was for us. Anywho, back at it, and renewal is coming up soon and thinking about adding a SOT to the...
  9. RedCardinalSeven

    Suzi LeVine ... to take job in Biden administration

    Lose a few hundred million tax-payer dollars and get promoted ... only in government. This article mentions that before she was put in charge of Washington state...
  10. User 1234

    Gene Simmons moving to WA to escape CA taxes.
  11. Oregonhunter5

    This is why we should get rid of taxes

    I say I’d they can’t do there jobs, then to heck with your tax invasion!!!!
  12. Sporting Systems

    Tacoma Council member pulls the race card on the Firearms debate. - passes taxes

    The firearms community has been under attack for decades, and the anti gun community has stepped on the gas pedal in recent months, but this last week has been exceptionally bad for civil rights in WA. The Supreme Court will allow families to sue a manufacturer over the illegal use of a lawful...
  13. Ratfink

    Kalifornication increases gas taxes, gas now $5 a gallon... So glad to be FROM there...Got to pay for all the FREE medical & homelessness somehow..:s0082:
  14. CountryGent

    National  Elizabeth Warren Wants To Raise Taxes On Guns And Ammunition

    Gun control and taxes are her two favorite things. :rolleyes: Elizabeth Warren Wants To Raise Taxes On Guns And Ammunition
  15. RicInOR

    2018 Taxes

    How'd you all make out? 50,219,667 Filers Paid $0 or Less! Me, I was short about 200/month so a check had to be cut. My mom made money on her accounts, she was mad, angry, about the size of her check to the IRS. But --- she made money about 50% more than in 2017 .... sometimes logic goes.
  16. Glock Jock

    2019 Taxes and the "Big Break"

    Well I was made to understand that the big tax break would take affect this year more so than last year then I got done with my taxes. Sad to say that I'm getting almost half of what I usually do. Glad I'm getting something but certainly disappointed. I did make more money by several thousand...
  17. joken

    Proposed Oregon taxes

    Below is a short list of some of the tax plans they are proposing SJR 3 – Direct kicker to the Education Stability Fund (Joint Resolution) SB 209 – Creates a $10K homestead exemption SB 208 – Increases the progressivity of the corporation minimum tax SB 189 – Modifies tax expenditure definition...
  18. Joe Link

    Washington  U.S. Senate candidates debate taxes, guns, civility

    U.S. Senate candidates debate taxes, guns, civility
  19. ma96782

    Pay your taxes in China or else?

    You'll disappear. Chinese actress 'missing' for 3 months returns with apology Aloha, Mark
  20. SlimPickins

    Why not a gun for every citizen?

    This Is Where Your Tax Dollars Actually Go Here's a nice little up to dated break down, plenty more you can find with a little research that shows just how much of our taxes are going to various aspects of our government including defense, debt, medical care, etc. Why not add on making sure...
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