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The firearms community has been under attack for decades, and the anti gun community has stepped on the gas pedal in recent months, but this last week has been exceptionally bad for civil rights in WA.
The Supreme Court will allow families to sue a manufacturer over the illegal use of a lawful made and sold product. Look out McDonalds. Look out Ford. Look out spoon makers. Look out Auto Dealers. Look out whisky makers. Look out spoonmakers.

Tacoma passed the firearm and ammo tax, effectively destroying the retail and range business in Tacoma.
After watching 5 hours of the November 12 council meeting, where hundreds of great Americans packed their council chambers, the council unanimously passed the tax.
My take away from the evening is summed up by 50 seconds of video from councilmembers Ushka’s testimony at the end of the meeting. These are her words, turn up the volume and take a listen.
She represents a district largely populated by people of color and she doesn’t see them in the council audience, only Caucasian’s. She feels her constituency fears the presence of another race, particularly Caucasian people. She feels that the economic impact of this tax on lower income residents of her district doesn’t matter, because that district is disproportionately affected by homicidal violence in Pierce county. She’s right, it does have more criminal activity, more violence and more murder. FBI and Washington Department of Health statistics reveal that is correct, but she misses the point, the violence is committed by the same ethnic group. Are not those constituents MORE likely to NEED self protection, ammunition and training, in order to defend themselves from criminal violence?
This is part of what is wrong with the discussion, people unable to de-link criminal use of firearms, legal self defense and how important self protection is to those in the most need. This tax disproportionately affects low income residents, older residents, younger woman, young mothers, people with limited transportation means. This doesn’t impact the doctor, driving a BMW across the city limits to bypass the tax. It doesn’t affect the teacher or the store owner from exiting the city to make their purchase or seek training.
This tax is wrong, in it’s approach, it’s intent, it’s implementation and it’s application. Tacoma took the virtue signaling position and avoided the real problem, suicide and criminal firearm use.
Its time for the 2A community to put all else aside, and work to defeat policies and candidates whom are incapable of understanding gun violence. Next week, if Facebook does shadow ban us again...we'll share our report from the Washington Firearms Tragedy Prevention Workshop we attended last week, eye opening data.
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This woman is a textbook, lib/anti politician - and racist as well.

Do they all go to the same training? I mean when the crowd starts to utter a few words suddenly they have to remind them they have been 'listening to them for X amount of time and now have the floor' ?

And this part just frosted me:

"For people who have experienced gun violence the presence of guns can behave as a trigger for their activity".

Just what 'activity' was she referring to?
In Tacoma, the mayor told Q13’s Brandi Kruse that the revenues from the gun tax will help pay for the negative effects of guns. She compared it to a gas tax making up for carbon emissions. Gun ownership is a right guaranteed by the Constitution — car ownership is not. The disconnect between what she said and common sense is staggering. She is saying that you are not causing any problems as a responsible gun owner, but you have to pay the price for the gang members and criminals who buy stolen guns on the street, without paying taxes.


For my own knowledge are there a sizeable number of gun retailers in Tacoma? Few?
Not sure, I can think of a couple off the top. The ammo I suspect they expect to get more out of. The rub is how easy it is to just buy outside of Tacoma. Which I hope a vast majority of gun owners will do.

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