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  1. L84Cabo

    Gold Medal Swimmer Caeleb Dressel Trained His Black Lab To Race

    This is pretty cute. Video and pictures at the linky. :) https://www.insider.com/video-caeleb-dressel-dog-pool-olympics-2021-8
  2. Lennie

    Yahoo News Former police officer Eric Adams close to winning NYC mayoral race as ranked-choice votes are tallied

    This is big news. Eric Adams campaign centered on supporting police and cracking down on criminals. https://news.yahoo.com/former-police-officer-eric-adams-close-to-winning-nyc-mayoral-race-as-ranked-choice-votes-tallied-202909266.html
  3. BigDog67

    Race Day!!

    The Iditarod starts in an hour. Running a modified course and there have been a lot of mushers withdraw. All because of the virus I'm sure. But there are still 46 teams in, and with the course change it will be a very interesting year. I've never seen a Super Bowl in my life, but we NEVER miss...
  4. oremike

    Race guns

    I'm looking at getting a stock class 9mm to shoot dualing tree and speed steel events with. I'm drawn to the Springfield xd-M 5.25 Elite. Anyone shoot one of these and hate it? Anyone shoot something else and love it?
  5. RedCardinalSeven

    Reparations for Slavery

  6. CLT65

    Thoughts on race

    This is a sincere thread, not a political one. Please don't make it about politics. Moderators, if you feel it's headed in a wrong direction and should be moved to another un-named part of the forum, please do so. My father passed away last week. It was a tough week, as any of you all who have...
  7. RedCardinalSeven

    The deafening silence of veteran service organizations on Black Lives Matter

  8. PaulB47

    Some rare sense about race.

    "Stop talking about it!"
  9. BlackdogGS

    Colt 1911. Keep it original or build a race gun?

    I have a nice Series 70 that never gets use. It’s all stock except for some millet sights I had installed 33 years ago. I either need to sell it or make a few minor changes and start using it. For starts I’d like some lower profile sights, something like the Wilson Combat sights. Build it or...
  10. Sporting Systems

    Tacoma Council member pulls the race card on the Firearms debate. - passes taxes

    The firearms community has been under attack for decades, and the anti gun community has stepped on the gas pedal in recent months, but this last week has been exceptionally bad for civil rights in WA. The Supreme Court will allow families to sue a manufacturer over the illegal use of a lawful...
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