Jay Robert Inslee /ˈɪnzliː/ (born February 9, 1951) is an American politician, attorney and member of the Democratic Party who has served as the 23rd Governor of Washington since January 2013.
Born in Seattle, Inslee graduated from the University of Washington and Willamette University College of Law. He served in the Washington House of Representatives from 1989 to 1993 and then represented Washington's 4th congressional district, which included parts of the state around Yakima, in the United States House of Representatives from 1993 to 1995. Defeated for re-election in 1994, Inslee returned to private practice and then ran for Governor in the 1996 election, coming fifth in the blanket primary ahead of the general election, which was won by Democrat Gary Locke. Inslee then served as regional director for the United States Department of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton.
Inslee was elected back to the House of Representatives in 1998, this time for Washington's 1st congressional district, which included Seattle's northern suburbs in King, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties. He was re-elected six times before announcing that he was running for Governor again on June 27, 2011. He resigned from Congress on March 20, 2012, in order to focus on his campaign. He defeated Republican Rob McKenna, the Attorney General of Washington, in the general election by 52% to 48%. Inslee was re-elected to a second term in 2016, defeating Republican Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant by 54% to 46%.

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