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Survival is act of surviving; to stay living.
Survival may also refer to:

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  1. gryghin

    Facing Mortality Head On!

    Mortality Most live their lives unaware of their mortality. Unless they joined the military service, the most dangerous thing an American does deals with transportation. Driving a car or flying in a plane are inherently dangerous endeavors. But because most everyone drives, and a majority...
  2. Roymil666

    New Camping Spot

    Every year all of us guys with kids try to get away and do a off grid camping trip without the wives or kids. Only problem is that this year our usual spot is closed to the public due to fires (off 46 near Olallie lake). So I'm in search of another spot within a few hours of Salem. No designated...
  3. The Heretic

    USAF’s GAU-5A Takedown Survival Rifle Enters Service

    USAF's GAU-5A Takedown Survival Rifle Enters Service -
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