Combat (French for fight) is a purposeful violent conflict meant to physically harm or kill the opposition. Combat may be armed (using weapons) or unarmed (not using weapons). Combat is sometimes resorted to as a method of self-defense, or can be used as a tool to impose one's will on others. An instance of combat can be a stand-alone confrontation or a small part of a much larger violent conflict. Instances of combat may also be benign and recreational, as in the cases of combat sports and mock combat.
Combat may comply with, or be in violation of, local or international laws regarding conflict. Examples of rules include the Geneva Conventions (covering the treatment of people in war), medieval chivalry, the Marquess of Queensberry rules (covering boxing) and several forms of combat sports.

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  1. arakboss

    National  A Reminder That Black Men Helped Secure The Freedoms We Are Fighting For Again Today.

    I hope they will join us again. Rare powder horn that belonged to African American Revolutionary War soldier goes on display
  2. N

    Florida Court says NRA Must Publicly Name Plaintiffs Fighting Anti-Gun Law

    NRA is fighting for us - in this case in Florida: NRA Must Publicly Name Plaintiffs Fighting Anti-Gun Law, Judge Rules - Tea Party News This article on Pamela Geller's website has a lot of good links to the story above: You are being redirected...
  3. Defense Minister

    Oregon  OFF Will be Fighting IP43 - You Can Help!

    The Oregon Firearms Federation has vowed to fight the certified ballot title language of IP43 in the Oregon Supreme Court and you can help FOR FREE! It is all explained here, and they will be getting my annual $100 donation early this year. Please donate if you can!
  4. Ironbar

    Weaver vs. Isosceles vs. Fighting stance

    Well, after reading article after article on the topic, I have come to the conclusion that I don't give a flying bubblegum what stance you think is better, and I'm going to do what I've been doing all along because I shoot very well with it. (No, I'm NOT going to tell you which one I...
  5. NWMA's not about "fighting"

    Something I wrote for another forum awhile back. Thought I'd share here... As an instructor I use the term "fighting" because it is universally recognized and it is easy shorthand. It’s also a lot more approachable to laypeople than other terms we might use. But honestly I don’t care for the...
  6. NWMA

    Pistol Ground Fighting

    I've been a gun guy all my life. When I talk about close quarters fighting, a lot of other gun guys tell me "I don't need to know how to fight...I'll just draw my gun and shoot him." I've also been a fighter all my life...and I can tell you that "just drawing your gun" is a lot easier said...
  7. Chee-to

    Officer shot while fighting Racoon

    Officer shot while fighting Racoon...........:eek: WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - A U.S. Park Police officer shot himself in the foot while trying to fight off a raccoon. It actually turned out to be a bigger ordeal than some may have thought. The unidentified Park Police Officer was both bit...
  8. RicInOR

    Gun-Fu - The Art of Guns & Fighting

    John Woo I am sure you have seen many of these films - or at least the gun fights from them. The Art of Gun Fu
  9. PiratePast40

    Fighting civil forfeiture statutes.

    Just saw this link on the OFF Facebook page: <broken link removed> . When we think of combating anti-2A legislation and being proactive, perhaps this is another area where we can do some good. In the case described, it cost the woman $5K in legal fees and another $13.5K in seized cash to...
  10. Joe13

    Fighter or Scrapper?

    Been watching this guys videos lately and am fairly impressed with his attitude and no BS presentation. He is an Aussie with a foul mouth (not a lot but I know some of use is sensitive) and tells it how he sees it. Works very well with my fighting style preferences but may not be for everyone.
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