Prep may refer to:
A nickname for anything associated with a University-preparatory school, such as:
A member of the American Preppy social group, stemming from the word "preparatory"
Another name for someone who attends a preparatory school in the United States

Prep, a novel by Curtis Sittenfeld
Prep, short form for a plasmid preparation (including minipreps and bulk preps) or the DNA prepared by such a method
Prep, short form for preparation of or for something
PReP, the PowerPC Reference Platform
P-rep, a statistical value of the probability of replicating an observed effect
Preparative, a NATO signal flag
Presequence Protease, a mitochondrial and chloroplastic protein
Pre-exposure prophylaxis, a medical procedure to prevent disease before exposure

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  1. Hueco

    Prep List: Coronavirus 2019 (2019 n-CoV)

    I'm looking to keep this thread limited to experience, preps, and prep for any news, theories, whatever, please use the official thread: Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019 n-CoV). What I am looking to learn is: What is your experience level with regard to prepping? (new, somewhat...
  2. ATCclears

    Financial prep - watch for rising interest rates, long-term impact

    My summary: Don't be surprised with continued increases in interest rates. This may cause a decline in home prices in most housing markets. This will certainly curtail spending by people who have to service their personal debt (e.g. credit card, car loans) due to rising interest rates. By 2025...
  3. B

    Quit wasting time on Intruder Prep - Get Bird Hunting Stuff!!!

    Yes, I am new to the Board! I love, love, love guns. There seems to be an emphasis here on self-defense stuff. I get that. We all want to be secure in our homes and protect our families. But, . . . . most of my shooting is at the shotgun range and at live birds. I encourage all of you to...
  4. bgdawgrr

    I’m going food emergency prep.

    My girlfriend has a picky eater little dog. While shopping I came across some new Racheal Ray Nutrish grain free dog food in those sealed plastic containers. The dog goes frickin crazy for them and I see why. I’m sure the meat is not best quality, but I’d totally eat this. (the chicken and beef...
  5. Pierre

    Case Prep for Novice and Experienced (in case you're an OldGuy like me)

    Case Prep ----------------------------------------------------- The first step is lubing, and we use Castor Oil. Yeah, I inow. There are many hundreds of threads and thousands of posts all over the net about "the" best lube. Want to waste your money? Go for it. None of them beat Castor Oil. Its...
  6. ATCclears

    Financial prep - Social Security will dip into its reserves this year

    aka more expenses than revenue. Social Security Expected to Dip Into Its Reserves This Year
  7. CountryGent

    Winter Storm Warning in Southwest Oregon

    Just a heads up to our friends in the area that the National Weather Service has issued a warning. Additional details and a hazard area map may be seen here. Anywho, just passing the word.
  8. RicInOR

    Taxes (Tax Prep)

    What do you all use for Taxes? I am sure some have simpler returns than others. I am just interested in what people use and thoughts on that. This year I am having to help my mom with hers, and she has been going to a preparer for years, but hates having to spend $150 for the service...
  9. CountryGent

    Prep Plans for 2018?

    So, I am working on finishing lists, plans, etc. for the new year. Naturally, preparation plans and projects are on there. Do you have any preparedness plans for 2018? Any neat projects that will help with your preparedness progress? Any new equipment soon to be acquired? Any new books that...
  10. P7M13

    The importance of organization and prep

    Since they were two, I've been taking my kids camping every summer, teaching them edible indigenous plants, how to start fires, build the tent, stay dry, etc. Eleven years ago, it would take me a day to prep for the trip. Five years ago, I had that down to four hours. I timed myself last week...
  11. ArgentineSteel

    Prep Lessons from Puerto Rico

    Demand for Cash skyrockets after the Hurricane. ATMs and card systems down Cash demand soars in Puerto Rico after hurricane hit ATMs, card systems Before you're in a disaster you need cash as one of your preps. I know from personal sources that some major industrial sites in Puerto Rico are...

    Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System - $106.61 shipped

    Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System - $106.61 shipped
  13. B

    Fact check this disaster prep article (nuke specific).

    If a nuclear bomb explodes, these are the emergency supplies you should have prepared or grab on the run Looks like some good info in there, I didn't know a lot of it since I don't really prep for this kind of event, but it's something I'm thinking about prepping for more and more.
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