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  1. ilikegunspdx

    Why do Henry x models have such short barrels and low capacity?

    45-70 is only 4 rounds. .410 is only 6 rounds. I would be interested in these but at such low capacity what is the point? Especially at nearly $1000 Msrp?
  2. J

    Martini Henry 303 British

    I have a IMI, international military import, martini, looks like a 1904 cadet rifle. 1914 date. No rifling left, reblued, good head space, in Missoula Mt can ship it to c&r or ffl, basically selling it as a large action and stock set, free pick up in Missoula Mt, 50 to ship. 750 for the rifle...
  3. ATCclears

    Henry Long Ranger in .308

    I'm pondering it. Anyone have any experiences with this rifle? Ramblings appreciated.
  4. Reno

    Henry did it finally - Side loading, threaded barrel models!

    Side loading, threaded barrel models!
  5. C

    Henry single shot shotgun question~~~

    Do any of you own a Henry single shot .410 bore shotgun? Do you like it? Have you read many reviews about this shotgun or shot one of your friend's Henry shotguns? Blued steel/walnut stock. H015-410 We have never seen a Henry shotgun in...
  6. D

    Henry Holster - AIWB RH for the Sig P365

    New Henry Holster for the Sig P365 used one time.
  7. mordecai

    Lever .357 Rifle

    Winchester, Uberti, Cimmaron, Marlin, Henry, etc. Probably prefer a shorter barrel over a longer one.
  8. Benzito

    Henry HOO1 lever action 22lr @ Bi-Mart for $259

    Listed in the December 29 circular, the original Henry lever action is $259 until Christmas. Perhaps not a Great deal with a capital G, but $40 off of regular price is still a healthy discount. You ought to call first to your local store, however, as the clerk told me last night that they were...
  9. Magnumjohn

    Marlin ranger point M lok on a Henry?

    Marlin ranger point M lok on a Henry? Would this be possible do the Henry and marlin forestocks mount the same?