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  1. Magnumjohn

    Marlin ranger point M lok on a Henry?

    Marlin ranger point M lok on a Henry? Would this be possible do the Henry and marlin forestocks mount the same?
  2. CountryGent

    Experimental Triple-Magazine Henry Rifle

    Kind of an interesting experimental Henry.
  3. O

    Henry Boy Scout Centennial Golden Boy .22 Rimfire Rifle - New

    New, un-fired, in original box. My father in law was a lifetime supporter of the BSA and an avid collector of scouting memorabilia. One of his prized possessions was this BSA Centennial Henry, which he gifted to me prior to his death. I use firearms as tools, not as wall hangers, and as such...
  4. 3

    I have a Henry 22lr I need to sell. How and how much is it worth?

    Photos Location Portland Oregon Bought this in Colorado many years ago for ~$375 I think, includes ~400 rounds. Im moving away and I need to sell. Its bit scratched unfortunately but its been fired very few times and kept in case. How do I go about selling it? Thanks!
  5. B

    WTB WA  Henry Survival Rifle

    Looking for a Henry Ar7. Good ol survival rifle. Looking to get one ASAP. Please be close to Vancouver/Portland.

    Hickok45 Review Of The New Henry Side Loader

    About twice as long as it needs to be but take note at about 14.05 when he references unloading it by the tube and a round hanging up behind the load gate. I wasn't too impressed by seeing him having to tap the barrel on the bench to free it. Maybe pushing a finger into the gate would do it as...
  7. Magnumjohn

    44 mag henry carbine hunting

    I have Henry 44 mag carbine that hold 7 rounds mostly everywhere I read you can't have more than five rounds I was just wondering if it would be legal for me to hunt with it I don't see why not my only question is the fact of it holding 7 rounds going to be an issue?
  8. Reno

    Side loading Henry!

    About freaking time!
  9. Hop Sing

    WTB OTHER  Rear sight for Henry Big Boy

    No, I didn't lose it! I bought a Henry Big Boy in .44 mag and the seller had a scope on it but lost the rear sight. I know there are aftermarket sights but would like to try a stock one and see how it works.