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Was going to use this as a pond but the window gasket leaks so it’s never been used. Fun experiment but I have another without a window I will use instead.

900 gallon capacity / food grade
Tank is polyethylene
Tank size: (86” wide x 43” tall)
Window size: (48” wide x 30” tall)
Window is polycarbonate (1/4” thickness)
Protective film is still on the window
All hardware is stainless steel

$500 cash OBO or trade for firearms and/or ammo. Please send trade offers via PM.

745ADC1A-3638-478E-9D9E-77B54CBD1E55.jpeg 84276C67-08B3-4719-B425-36A67529A1FB.jpeg 53E430C0-EC8E-43B2-BF84-EB689768DF14.jpeg
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