Pouch may refer to:
A small bag such as a pocket, teabag, money bag, sporran, etc.
Brood pouch, especially pouch (marsupial), an anatomical feature in which young are carried
Cadaver pouch, a body bag
Diplomatic pouch
Electric heating pouch, medical apparatus, electric heating device for curative treatment
Indiana pouch, a surgically created urinary diversion used to create a way for the body to store and eliminate urine for patients who have had their urinary bladders removed
Ileo-anal pouch, a surgically created intestinal reservoir.
Ostomy pouching system (colostomy bag), medical prosthetic that provides a means for the collection of waste from a diverted biological system
Pouch laminator, lamination system that utilizes pouches
Retort pouch, food and drink pouch
Buffalo pouch, a small pouch worn on the wrist, carried from a strap around the neck, or from the waist like a fanny pack
(U+1F45D) unicode symbol "POUCH", see Emoji

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