The "A" Device is a miniature bronze  1⁄4 inch letter "A" which comes with and without serifs, that is authorized for wear by the United States military as a medal and ribbon device for two military awards.
The Arctic "A" Device (with serifs), if authorized, may be attached to the center of the Air Force Overseas Ribbon - Short Tour, for service beginning February 10, 2002. If an oak leaf cluster is also authorized for wear on the ribbon, the "A" device is worn to the wearer's right of any oak leaf clusters on the ribbon. The Atlantic "A" Device (without serifs), if authorized, may be attached to the center of the suspension and service ribbon of the American Defense Service Medal for service from June 22 to December 7, 1941. The "A" device is worn in lieu of any authorized  3⁄16 inch bronze star that is worn on the medal and service ribbon.

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