SureFire, LLC. is an American company headquartered in Fountain Valley, California. Their main products are flashlights, weapon-mounted lights, headlamps, and laser sights. In addition, Surefire makes knives, sound suppressors, earplugs, Picatinny Rails, high capacity magazines, and batteries. The company is a major supplier of flashlights, weapon lights, and lasers to the U.S. Armed Forces. Surefire products are commonly used in the US by law enforcement agencies.

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  1. Flyboy3394

    Recs on weaponlights?

    Anyone have recs on a weaponlight for a Glock 45? Looking to spend at most $250, unless spending more gets me a lot of benefits. Is it worth having a laser? The gun will be used for home defense, range fun, classes, camping. Interested in: Streamlight TLR 1/2/7/8 Surefire x300 (bit pricey for me)
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