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  1. D

    slanted crown on Winchester 94

    I am finally getting around to troubleshooting the poor accuracy of this rifle and I think I found the problem. It looks like the crown on my model 94 is not square with the barrel. Check out the attached pics. I made jig and inserted it into the bore of the rifle and measured the gap. It...
  2. fredball

    crown over crown over U

    (crown over crown over U) has 206 on butt plate next to the ring octagon barrel and 3.6 stamped on cylinder. some of the info I'm finding says It's a German made Webley copy but nothing firm it will be in market place once I determine what it truly is more info I have come across [ Webly...
  3. v0lcom13sn0w

    barrel crown question...

    is it necessary to crown before permanently attaching muzzle brake? my plan is to buy a take off barrel, cut it to 16.5” and thread it for a muzzle brake that allows quick attachment for my suppressor. ive read mixed opinions saying to do an 11degree crown to resist erosion. some guys say...
  4. Squatch831

    How bad is this crown ?

    Got this nice ruger m77 on a trade but failed to notice this ding on the crown. The ding doesn't actually connect with the rifling. What do you guys think? How bad is it ?
  5. B

    Crown Roast of Pork

    This Sunday will be my first attempt at making a Crown Roast of Pork. Some people roast the pork with the stuffing in the center of the crown and others say, "Do not bother," and bake the stuffing in a separate dish. Does anyone here have personal experience with this dish?
  6. Threads added!

    Threads added!

    Both of these barrels needed to have threads, First is an M4 that had been damaged so, shorten and recut the crown and add 1/2-28 threads. Second barrel is a Noveski that was shortened and recrowned to and new threads cut for 5/8-24.
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