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Loader can refer to:
Loader (equipment)
Loader (computing)
LOADER.EXE, an auto-start program loader optionally used in the startup process of Microsoft Windows ME

Loader (surname)
Fast loader
Boot loader
LOADER.COM (aka "NEWLDR"), a multi-boot loader shipping with various Digital Research, Novell, IMS, Caldera, etc. DOS-based operating systems like Multiuser DOS and DR-DOS
LOADER.SYS, part of a LOADER.COM installation (see above)

Clapper loader (on a film crew, also simply known as "loader")
A loader, a member of a crew responsible for handling and loading ammunition, such as on a howitzer or tank crew
Autoloader, an automated replacement for a crewer loader

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  1. dondoo1315

    Testing the Caldwell M&P 15-22 Magazine loader and its claims.

    Now let me Start this off by saying I am not one for gimmicks nor do shiny things catch my eye and I do not consider my self a expert by any stretch of the definition, however last weekend I decided to go to my local sporting goods store and look for m&p15-22 magazines. while in the store I saw...
  2. gunnut38

    Local Muzzle Loader Parts

    Is there any shops or persons locally that have muzzle loader parts? I am looking for a couple of complete locks or parts to make two . One is for vintage shotgun and one for an unfinished kit gun someone never completed.
  3. Gunwild

    Survival Shotgun Loader

    I was relaxing after a long work day with a cold one watching some YouTube and stumbled upon the Survival Loader. After watching the video I was pretty impressed with this kit. Has all the tools you need to hand and I mean HAND reload your shotgun shells. Went on there site...
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