Loader can refer to:
Loader (equipment)
Loader (computing)
LOADER.EXE, an auto-start program loader optionally used in the startup process of Microsoft Windows ME

Loader (surname)
Fast loader
Boot loader
LOADER.COM (aka "NEWLDR"), a multi-boot loader shipping with various Digital Research, Novell, IMS, Caldera, etc. DOS-based operating systems like Multiuser DOS and DR-DOS
LOADER.SYS, part of a LOADER.COM installation (see above)

Clapper loader (on a film crew, also simply known as "loader")
A loader, a member of a crew responsible for handling and loading ammunition, such as on a howitzer or tank crew
Autoloader, an automated replacement for a crewer loader

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  1. arakboss

    Lee Loader Kits Improv

    I have a couple of Lee Loader kits (9mm and 30-06) and thought about a way to expand their versatility to loading other cartridges in the field. I have already used the primer base to prime other cartridges and they worked fine. My latest thought is to use a regular lee sizing die to size a case...
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