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  1. Capn Jack

    Black Powder Range Time

    As I get older, I've found this little rhyme helps to keep me from getting distracted while loading another round. "Powder then shot, Powder then shot, or the Bang you're expecting will happen, NOT.
  2. CountryGent

    CC Brand, Percussion Whaling Gun?

    So, I have been engaging in a flatulent foray on various antique firearms sites tonight; primarily for a M712 or the like, but other gun goodness. I came across this curious fellow: Can anyone tell me about these? The maker does not ring a bell at all. Obviously for the whaling...
  3. S

    Gunsmith to repair Ruger black powder revolver

    Looking for a gunsmith in the Oregon City, Portland, Salem area that can repair a Ruger black powder revolver. Purchased new in the '90's, gave it to my son and he says it will not fire because of bad springs??? Have not seen it in decades but want it in firing order before I die. I need the...
  4. B

    Graf's has black powder for sale again.

  5. G0nefishin

    Iso black powder items.

    So after year's of toying around with the idea of bp I finally got a 44 cal cap & ball revolver now I'm having a heck of a time finding the components for it mostly powder and caps. Please let me know if any of you have any leads I'd appreciate it Thank's
  6. G0nefishin

    Black powder stuff

    Does anyone have some percussion caps & fffg black powder they could part with? I could also use a wrench thank's fella's
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