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  1. 4

    New member here. Inrerested in all things big bore revolvers.

    Hello everyone. New here. Interested in Big Bore Revolvers. Recently bought a 475 Linebaugh/ 480 Ruger BFR.
  2. Garsh_Darnit

    New Member Introduction

    Howdy, I'm Brad. I'm a newer firearm owner (3 years). I've lived in South Dakota, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Washington. Most of the time spent in South Dakota and the PNW. I'm a computer technician for work and I enjoy programming as a hobby. I'd like to start improving my shooting skills by...
  3. mkamal76

    Maybe a little late for a new member post

    I have been using Northwest firearms for a couple of years now, so not quite a new user. I never realized that I had to post a new member post here. In my defense though, I was having too much fun looking at all the cool classified adds and discussions threads. I have bought, sold and traded...
  4. 28Nos

    New member introduction

    Hi my name is Justin O'Dell and I am new to Northwest Firearms. I am a native Oregonian born and raised in Boring Oregon. I love hunting, shooting and reloading for my hunting rifles and that is why I became a member. So that I can hopefully locate some of the hard to find reloading supplies...
  5. JOltmann

    New member from Vancouver, WA

    I got my first gun while working at Sportsman's Warehouse in Vancouver. Now i have a few 🤣
  6. mildblueberry

    New Member from Federal Way

    Got into firearms about a year and a half ago. Trying to climb the ranks of USPSA Carry Optics right now; my first match will be in Renton at the end of the month. Also trying to sell all the crap I've bought in the past year to recoup some money and spend it on things I'll actually use haha...
  7. T

    new member

    hello everybody, I am new to this forum. looks like a great place for lots of knowledge. thank you for having me
  8. Monsoonium

    New member to this forum

    Hello all, Here to look at all sorts of Milsurp firearms for sale. Hopefully I'll be accepted in this community!
  9. ljfh001

    New member Intro

    Hi, I'm new to the sport, mostly interested in precision shooting and reloading.
  10. B

    New Member Caught as ATF, Cop, and likely Jay Inslee

    Hi all, I just want to say hello as a new member. I have been lurking for a while on here on the classifieds but I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything until today. I found something that I have been looking for and it was the right price. While chatting with the seller ...we set up a time...
  11. loloray

    New member, Logan

    Hello hello, relatively new here. This is my favorite place to come and browse I figured it’s time to get all signed up and participate in the conversations.
  12. J

    New member in Beaverton

    Hello from Bob, another new member. Retired from computer programming and school bus driving. Never touched a firearm prior to 2020. Had a chance to inherit two hunting rifles when my dad pied, but passed on the opportunity since I had three young sons snd didn’t know a thing about guns. That...
  13. AlHalvy

    New Member, Alex

    Hey Guys, New(ish) member here! looking forward to continued deals and meeting fellow members!
  14. glockguy99

    Josh, New member

    Hey, been into guns for a couple years. finally decided to buy some before 114. Now i cant get enough!
  15. H

    New Member Jake

    Hello everyone, new member Jake here. Born and raised in Arizona but moved out to Washington about 4 years ago.
  16. Bradn

    New Member, Bradn

    Greetings all. New member...Bradn Muir. Just closing out my sixth decade on this earth...Second generation junker (picker.) Lover of knives and firearms. :) Looking forward to being a member. Thank you.
  17. winners58

    New member, Dennis

    Been reading posts for a few months, now a new member Live in Eugene, OR, Retired, love hunting and gold mining been the claims manager for Bohemia Mine Owners for the last 8 years have several mining claims, lots of equipment. Camping in the summer, deer and elk hunting in the fall.
  18. BadNewsBeeman

    New Member from CA

    Hi all! New member here from California, I'm just south of LA in Orange County. Its no secret that gun ownership is tough down here and my hobby has suffered because of it. Which is one reason I've recently made the switch to air guns which are still free range in this state (with some municipal...
  19. T

    Kinda new here. Just wanted to say hi!

    Hey everyone! Kinda new this this stuff so go easy on me. But I would like sell/trade or buy. I can be slow on the replies so bear with me here, I really appreciate this opportunity to be apart of this. Hope to hear from you guys! Thanks!
  20. JDMNissanPS13

    New member introduction

    Hey ya'll, I've actually been a member for awhile, but never got around to posting here. *Cheers*
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