Vas Coleman (born May 25, 1999), known professionally as Yung Bans, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his singles including "Ridin'", "Lonely", "Dresser", "Right Through You", and "4TSpoon" featuring Playboi Carti; as well as the Yung Bans Vol. 1-5 mixtape series.

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  1. ilikegunspdx

    Gun bans won't change human nature

    Saw this makeshift weapon on news today. Nuts! It would be a long list to name all the non firearm killings where guns are banned, but a few recent high profile ones: Oct 2021...
  2. rdb241

    Breaking News Biden State Department Bans Import of Russian Ammo and Firearms
  3. L

    Biden bans Russian ammo? Not familiar with this site so don't know if it's true. " New sanctions imposed today under the CBW Act include: Restrictions on the permanent imports of certain Russian firearms...

    Deschutes County Bans Fireworks

    Just yesterday. Any other areas? Counties, towns etc?
  5. SrMachoSolo

    Portland Bans Fireworks Their reasoning is due to the heatwave... that is now over. While preventing fires happening from irresponsible people is a good thing, this seems like a move inline with the trend of suppressing patriotism...
  6. Lennie

    Washington State bans gas cars by 2030
  7. B

    Washington  Sign up for remote testimony Monday/Tuesday for Mag and Open Carry Bans

    The Mag Ban and Open Carry Ban hearing is Monday /Tuesday (1/25-26). Folks can sign up to submit remote and/or written testimony: Washington State Legislature SB5038 Open Carry Ban: Washington State Legislature SB5078 Mag Ban: Washington State Legislature
  8. chipotle

    Washington  WA Magazine Ban Bill PREFILED - Link to comment below

    Thanks to reddit user chunkyhrvatski on the WAguns subreddit for informing me of this: Ban on ownership of firearm magazines over 10 rounds: Talking points: Essentially all modern firearms use >10 round magazines, the bill's claim...
  9. Mad Pick

    Washington  EAOTD #4: COMMENT ON HB1164 & SB5078 – MAGAZINE BANS

    Today's easy action of the day from the Washington Civil Rights Association: LEAVE A COMMENT ON HB1164 & SB5078 – MAGAZINE BANS TWO EASY STEPS! STEP 1: Visit this link to leave a comment on HB1164: This is the HOUSE Bill to ban magazines. Enter your...
  10. DLS

    Gun Bans Before & After

  11. RicInOR

    Other State  FL - Mayor Bans Sales of Guns and Ammo West Palm Beach, Florida, Mayor Keith James " In his Declaration of Emergency, James cited a Florida statute that allows public officials to strip law-abiding citizens of their...
  12. DB is Here

    Other State  CITING COVID-19, JACKSON MAYOR BANS OPEN CARRY Dummy...:s0109:
  13. rutilate


    EASY ACTION OF THE DAY #14-EMAIL (D) SENATORS RE: MAGAZINE BANS 30 SECONDS TO MAKE AN IMPACT Email (D) Senators TODAY to make your voice heard LOUDLY! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY SO OTHERS CAN ALSO TAKE ACTION! Simply cut and paste into your email and send! Send to all (D) Senators included here...
  14. CountryGent

    National  Background Checks and Bump Stock Bans: 2020 Democrats on Gun Control

    From the New York Times: Background Checks and Bump Stock Bans: 2020 Democrats on Gun Control Eh, bump-stocks are already a goner. :rolleyes:
  15. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Magazine Bans & Hearings for HB2240 & SB6077

    HB 2240 Link: Tentative scheduled live hearing and testimony and usually video too for HB2240: "Jan 21 Scheduled for public hearing in the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary at 10:00 AM (Subject to change)...
  16. B

    Washington  Tenative Senate Hearing on Mag Bans and mandated CPL training on Monday 1/20/20 at 10 AM.

    Heads up: There is apparently a tentative Wa. State Senate Hearing scheduled for 10 AM on Monday about mag bans/restrictions and mandated CPL training. Anyone who can attend, it would be beneficial. Again, this is tentative. Please verify on Wednesday night at committee schedules...
  17. gmerkt

    Ammunition "regulation" and magazine bans coming in Wash.

    Front page article in the Seattle Times today about gun control ideas being considered for the next legislative session. On the list, establishment of "gun free" zones. Ammunition "regulation." Banning the sale of magazines over 10 round capacity. We could see the ammunition "regulation"...
  18. Pacesetter

    National  LEO Against Gun Bans
  19. RicInOR

    National  Instagram - Bans Photos Taken at Gun Ranges

    Instagram Now Banning Photos Of People At Gun Ranges, Claiming They Promote "Violence" war on the 2nd Amendment kicks into high gear. via Zero Hedge Articles | Zero Hedge
  20. TheHumungus

    National  Kroger Bans Open Carry

    Fred Meyer is part of the Kroger chain, just sayin...
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