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  1. Dungannon

    American buys 46 F/A-18 Hornets from Australia

    what a business to be in!
  2. Jcon268

    International  Mass shooting Northern Territory Australia

    Mass shooting with pump action shotgun in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. 4 confirmed dead, maybe additional injured. At least 4 dead in shooting in Australian city of Darwin Darwin mass shooting: At least four dead in Northern Territory mass shooting | The West Australian
  3. ATCclears

    I spent a week with a doomsday prepper deep in the outback. This is how it changed me

    I spent a week with a doomsday prepper in the outback. This is how it changed me
  4. LandHawk

    This is why guns are banned in Australia

    Firefighters slam 'idiot' first-time campers for fire in 'controversial' Facebook post
  5. AshWilliams

    Australia bans encryption

    First they disarm their citizenry, now they've banned encryption. Sucks to be an Australian these days. Let's pray America never goes down this path. Australia Bans Encryption! – X2X Technology, Powered by CRIP.TO – Medium
  6. IOM

    International  Gun Control Fail: Shooting Attacks Rock Australia, London

    Australian police discovered the bodies of seven mass shooting victims on May 11, and on May 31, a machine gun attack in London left a man in this twenties fighting for his life. These shootings are occurring in nations the left has long held up as having the kinds of gun control America should...
  7. trikerdon


  8. trikerdon


    They took away all of their guns awhile back. This is the results.
  9. L84Cabo

    3 Adults, 4 children found dead in Perth Australia

    Very sad. Two firearms were found at the scene. 3 adults, 4 children found dead on property in Western Australia
  10. No_Regerts

    Australia Prime Minister Statements on Gun Control

    Interesting he is able to realize that the US and Australia have very different contexts regarding its application of gun control. He also recognized the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution in his comments and that Australia cant provide policy or legal advice due to very different circumstances.
  11. fredball

    Only in Australia

    Interesting pictures from down under. This little guy is a Wombat This Python snake is not yawning, It's got its teeth hooked on the steel wires! Could you get away if this one bit you? Note: The wires are 10 inches apart,
  12. RicInOR

    International  Australia - Cops Shoot Man in Compromising Sex Position

    Yea. Jist - Sex party, Costumed. Dude came as The Joker. Panzy's called cops cause they thought he had a gun - er weapon - his gun was out as it was a sex party, but the alleged weapon had been checked by the events security. What do we learn? Being in Costume will Get you Killed. this...
  13. U

    International  In order to fight terrorism, Australia again asks its citizens to give up their guns

    Starting this coming July 1st, the Australian government will be offering a 3 month amnesty period for gun owners to surrender unregistered firearms without any penalty. Experts believe that many people did not comply with Australia's tough new gun laws that were passed 21 years ago, and that...
  14. Joe Link

    Fail: Gun-Controlled Australia Admits Criminals Still Armed, Launches New Amnesty

    Full Article: Fail: Gun-Controlled Australia Admits Criminals Still Armed, Launches New Amnesty - Breitbart
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