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long range

  1. I

    Browning X Bolt Max long range 6.5 PRC

    Local Sportsmans warehouse had a sale on the Browning X Bolt Max long range .I shot another shooters max at the range,his was 6.5 Creedmoor. I hit a bullseye easily. So I bought one ,with book accuracy loads and using powders that other shooters are saying is the stuff. Hornady 140gr ELD and...
  2. J

    CVA Paramount Long Range Muzzleloader

    . 45 cal. Lightly used. Comes with base and rings for mounting a scope. Also included: Sling, Repriming and depriming tool, Ramrod, Collapsible ramrod and 15 pack of Powerbelt ELR bullets.

    Long range scope options

    Whats a good vortex scope for $1500-$2000? Putting it on my sig716 .308
  4. JPG

    Nosler M48 Long Range

    Nosler M48 Long Range in 28 Nosler. Warne steel rail. Included- 40 rounds Nosler Trophy Grade 160 grain Accubond, 20 rounds Nosler Match Grade 168 grain, and 20 rounds Hornady ELDX 162 grain. $2300. Not interested in trades. Thanks for looking.
  5. V

    Long Range Rifle recommendations.

    Looking to buy a good long range rifle. Thinking bolt action. 1000 yards. Want to buy once. Make Model Caliber. Also would appreciate scope recommendations. Any good long range spots anyone of you know around. Im out of vancouver wa but dont mind commuting for it. Many years back we had a nice...
  6. G

    Long range near Bellingham/Lynden?

    New to the Lynden area and forum. Looking for somewhere in NW WA to shoot 500 yds or more. Spoiled in this regard coming from AK. All I can find online is the gravel pit. Doesn’t look that long on the satellite. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. S

    1022 long range

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but I know you all are a wealth of information. What is the maximum range for a 16 inch barrel while still maintaining decent accuracy? ie smaller than minute of pie plate..... Thanks
  8. D

    Time to redefine accuracy...Mini 14 surprise

    So was at the range with my Mini 14 again yesterday. Hooked up with a shooting buddy, and one of the targets he brought along was a 12" steel gong that he set at the 300 yard line. I was playing around with my Mini at the 50 yard line, while he was banging away with his 7mm-08 on the gong...
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    What equipment do you use and practice with for long range hunting

    Whether you like it or not, hunters are going to be shooing longer distances at game. What I don't like is hunters will talk about taking game at long distance as if it is easy, but rarely talk about the rifles, scopes, and equipment that they use, or how they practice to make sure they take an...