SEMI (formerly Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) is a global industry association of companies that provide equipment, materials and services for the manufacture of semiconductors, photovoltaic panels, LED and flat panel displays, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), printed and flexible electronics, and related micro and nano-technologies.SEMI is headquartered in Milpitas, California, and has offices in Bangalore; Berlin; Grenoble, France; Hsinchu, Taiwan; Seoul; Shanghai; Singapore; Tokyo; and Washington, D.C. Its main activities include conferences and trade shows, development of industry standards, market research reporting, and industry advocacy. The president and chief executive officer of the organization is Ajit Manocha.

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  1. bradsteen

    Washington  Semi auto pistol lower transfer question

    I had a semi-auto pistol, sold the slide, and now just have the complete lower. When I sell it, does it transfer as a pistol or an "other"?
  2. ilikegunspdx

    National  The importance of "common use" in preventing semi auto rifle bans, ATF makes a huge mistake!

    Excellent video here about common use. It's a critical term and he lays out the history and why it's critical in the future for striking down CA existing and possible WA, and OR future semi auto rifle bans. Worth watching imo. ATF recently said in their final rule the AR-15 is one of the most...
  3. bcp

    Washington  Inslee, Ferguson join efforts to ban semiautomatic rifles
  4. RobMa

    Governor floats the idea of confiscating grandfathered AR's and other semi automatic firearms...

    These people are really trying hard to push this country into a Civil War... I mean that's the only thing I can think here... other than "are they crazy?"
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