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SEMI (formerly Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) is a global industry association of companies that provide equipment, materials and services for the manufacture of semiconductors, photovoltaic panels, LED and flat panel displays, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), printed and flexible electronics, and related micro and nano-technologies.SEMI is headquartered in Milpitas, California, and has offices in Bangalore; Berlin; Grenoble, France; Hsinchu, Taiwan; Seoul; Shanghai; Singapore; Tokyo; and Washington, D.C. Its main activities include conferences and trade shows, development of industry standards, market research reporting, and industry advocacy. The president and chief executive officer of the organization is Ajit Manocha.

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  1. Cucv

    JC Higgens semi auto

    I have an old JC Higgens semi-auto 12 gauge, it won't extract the shell after it fires, I cant find a gun smith to look at it. Ive called a few shops around here and no one will look at it. I tried the place Allison and carry and a place in canby. I would like this old guy to work again. Can...
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