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Targets is a 1968 American thriller, written and directed by Peter Bogdanovich and filmed in color by László Kovács. about a Vietnam war veteran who goes on a killing spree

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  1. LuckySG

    Buy One Get One Free Targets & More! On the way to Wolf Creek & Brown's Camp

    Posting in Supporting Vendors does not get many eyeballs so adding the deal here as well. Shooting at Wolf Creek or Brown's Camp Saturday Morning? Until the door closes at 2pm today all Targets, all Stands, all Cleaning Supplies are BYGO Free! This obvious favors those nearby and those...
  2. DirectDrive

    Post Your Recent Targets

    P80 G19 clone 55 feet Bottom - bench Top - offhand First two mags of the day. Doesn't always happen like that.
  3. Joe Link

    Best chain to use for hanging targets?

    I built a stand for my hanging gongs using these sawhorse brackets. While it works great, the chain is breaking far too often (especially when hit with 5.56). Is there a type of chain I can (and should or should not) use that is more resistant to being stuck by bullets?
  4. R

    Spot for Tossing Clay Targets

    Hello! I'm a new firearm owner. I love shooting clay targets: skeet, trap, SC, you name it. However, the hours and prices of trap and skeet clubs don't allow me to shoot as much as I'd like. Do any of the well known Oregon outdoor shooting spots offer an opportunity to launch some clay targets &...
  5. aslinged

    WTS OR  Small, hanging steel targets new

    Don't recall where I got these but they're nice. Looks like 1/2 inch. $80 for the lot. Blue Gun included.
  6. Capn Jack

    Air Gun Targets

    These are the aluminum targets a good friend of mine made me for winter time use of my shooting gallery, in the garage.:) The steel targets the gallery came with are for Rim-Fire .22 and my air rifle would not knock them down. :( I took a pattern to my friend and he made me these aluminum...
  7. Joe Link

    Other State  Boston officer’s lawsuit targets online gun marketplace

    Boston officer’s lawsuit targets online gun marketplace - The Boston Globe
  8. bbbass

    National  Gifford's group targets vets

    Five new ads from Gabby Giffords utilize a new strategy that uses veterans to promote gun control: Marie Harf: Military veterans enlist in the battle to fight gun violence in America – Let’s hear them out
  9. L

    WTS/WTT OR  14" X 1/2" and 3/4" Hardened Steel Plate Shooting Targets Gong SE Portland

    Hardened Steel Plate Shooting Targets Gong SE Portland 20.00 Ea Lonny 503-784-7014 1/2" X 14" Weights 20lbs 3/4" X 14" Weights 34lbs
  10. CountryGent

    Your source for steel targets?

    I just got back from the home range and am I reminded that we need to replace our targets. The ones up there are either completely toast or close to it. I'm looking to setting up 3-4 different sized steel targets, at various ranges, on said. I've bought them off the Intertubes from various...
  11. Joe Link

    Other State  Giant California teacher pension system targets gun sellers

    Giant California teacher pension system targets gun sellers
  12. DuneHopper

    Facebook , Targets Guns Owners.

    Facebook , Targets Guns Owners. So I don't use facebook except when the rare occasion I am selling or buying and item locally so I can see whom I am interacting with. I am pretty clear on my FB I enjoy my rights but not too far right either nothing one might see as radical. So I place and ad...
  13. R

    WTB WA  Iso steel targets

    Looking for steel targets especially a dueling tree around Stevens county or Spokane. If this isn' the place to post let me know
  14. GRMPS

    DIY SHOOT-N-SEE Targets

    DIY SHOOT-N-SEE Targets Basically: 1) Cover paper with shelf liner or clear tape; 2) Spray paint either use up old cans or <1$ Paint @ HD, Wally world or ?. 3) Allow paint to completely dry, cut to the desired size, embellish. [NOTE] I don't recommend LOWES 99 cent paint it doesn't dry as...