armslist is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to firearms, firearms accessories, outdoors equipment, miscellaneous firearms related materials, and discussion forums. Armslist has drawn criticism and support due to it facilitating the sale of firearms between individuals online.

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    Response To An Armslist Ad Of Mine.

    I am seriously thinking of responding and asking how he plans on paying for this if I were to agree...
  2. Mygrainman

    Feet in ad photos pet peeve.. Armslist for the win!

    So I’ve gone on record several times about my serious pet peeve for seller’s/photographer’s feet being in their ad photos...Can’t do it! The one time I made an exception and tried to make a deal anyway... it didn’t go well. Evidentially Armslist has been paying attention.
  3. B

    Armslist Spam

    Is it just me or is armslist turning more and more into spam? It almost seems as bad as craigslist. Fake posts or fake people messaging you about something you have on there.
  4. SIG34

    Anyone Else annoyed by ridiculous Posts on firearms?

    I want to let this be known.. It’s getting harder and harder to not comment.. when someone post a ridiculously high price or thinks their Used gun is worth full retail? I know they can ask whatever they want but common.. I see this on Armslist & Northwest I think there should be a Dislike...
  5. Joe Link

    Other State  Boston officer’s lawsuit targets online gun marketplace

    Boston officer’s lawsuit targets online gun marketplace - The Boston Globe
  6. N

    Armslist scammer

    Check out this ad on Arms list of this Dbag in TN who is trying to sell MY gun as his own. Please feel free to contact him and flood his email with whatever "nice" things you feel like saying! He took my pic, changed my description of the rifle and is trying to rip people off.:mad: ARMSLIST -...
  7. FireArm

    Been dealing with a lot BS from Armslist

    posted a bunch of stuff for sale on originally everything was selling and I kept posting things for sale on this site and Armslist. Most of the stuff was selling on Armslist here locally. I have a guy interested in a MPX, 1911, mossberg500, Remington870, and a AR pistol. I was...
  8. SDR

    Armslist being sued,functioned as an online classified advertising service

    ARMSLIST - Wisconsin Appeals Court Blows Open Big Holes in Section 230–Daniel v. Armslist
  9. awshoot

    Other State  WI Ct. of Appeals: Armslist can be sued for illegal gun purchase

    This is disturbing: Wisconsin court allows lawsuit against gun sale website to proceed Most probably knows that Armslist is one of the few places left where people can post classified ads. An intermediate level appeals court in Wisconsin has ruled that Armslist can be sued for negligently...
  10. SIG34

    Armslist Scam Alert

    I’m always on here and Armslist looking for new guns. Found this gem... Earlier today this Glock was $400 when I went to send an email.. price jumped to $475 and then I noticed it’s actually a Glock 19? Scam???
  11. kingsolace

    Armslist ad: "Buyer must have CPL" WTF?

    Looking to pick up a Gen 5 GLOCK 19 and saw this ad...ARMSLIST - For Sale: Glock 19 Gen 5 W NS Is this because no background check is required for a CPL holder and the seller doesn't want to bother with an FFL? From what I read this applies only for when the seller is a dealer. But this also...
  12. OldTengu

    Any luck with armslist sales?

    I'm 0 for 2, both potential buyers are looking for ridiculous deals, for me to deliver to them, and one actually asked if id forge a bill of sale stating the date before these guns were even made. Some peoples kids, man.
  13. FullMetalJerk

    False ArmsList "Scam" WARNINGS

    I thought it was odd how many "ARMSLIST - Scam Warning" emails I was getting in my inbox all the time. It turns out if you get a buyer that reports you they will automatically label all your listings as a scam. With no proof, no trial, no communication... Guilty until proven innocent is the rule...
  14. Temblor

    50BMG Ammo in Seattle $2.00 Round Legit ?

    Does anyone know if 50BMG Ammo seller on Armslist advertises in Seattle is legit? Thanks for any help
  15. joken

    Armslist fool

    Pre war model 70 300H&H for $1400. Maybe this person is an idiot? I'll drive to Medford for that deal, but wait the same rifle is on GB for over $7,000. These guy's just aren't too bright.
  16. rdb241

    Holly ...look what I found on Armslist

    Can you believe this. Plus the guy is here in Washington where that kind of stuff is a no no. Plus I call BS to his claim it was made before 1981. Take a look at the pic and see if you can figure it out. OM efin G. ARMSLIST - For Sale: Drop In Auto Sear Pre-'81
  17. joken

    Armslist is down

    Due to political and financial pressure. It is a scammer's paradise.
  18. Grimm

    Armslist slow?

    ArmsList slower than dirt for anyone besides myself? I've been avoiding that site but finally decided I'd put my wifes LCR on there and it's moving at a crawl. I've tried a couple different browsers to no avail. I feel like it's like this everytime I try to go on there (which isn't often.) I...
  19. jbett98

    Armslist Scammers

    I posted a Colt Diamondback .22lr revolver for sale on this site and on Armslist this afternoon. I went to look at my Armslist ad this evening and found it had been removed somehow and the gun is now for sale in North Carolina for $300.00 less then what I was asking for it. This a new one for...
  20. S

    Armslist Scams - please explain

    I am selling something on Armslist and have gotten some offers from buyers in other states. One is obviously a scam, which I have learned to detect through craigslist type dealings. Question is what does the "buyer" have to gain? Given how it is worded, they are most likely foreign. They...
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