The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), founded in 1996, is an organization based in Bogata, Texas, that has created a shooting sport based on defensive pistol techniques, using equipment including full-charge service ammunition to solve simulated "real world" self-defense scenarios. Shooters competing in defensive pistol events are required to use practical handguns and holsters that are deemed suitable for self-defense use and concealment garment that can conceal the handgun from view of bystanders.The sport came about as a response to the perceived shortcomings in competitions organized by the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and its migration away from the use of common, un-customized handguns. It was decided by the founders of IDPA (Bill Wilson, John Sayle, Ken Hackathorn, Dick Thomas, Walt Rauch and Larry Vickers), that USPSA competitions had become too far removed from the reality of defensive shooting situations, using extensively modified guns, handmade ammunition, and speed-draw holsters that were impractical for self-defense. The IDPA founders believed that USPSA matches had become "equipment races", which were heavily dependent on a shooter's gear rather than their ability.In order to keep the sport in line with its founding principles, allowable alterations to the competition gear (including pistol or pistol caliber carbine) are carefully regulated in IDPA. Ammunition capacity is limited compared to some other action shooting sports in order to keep the playing field level for competitors from states that ban higher capacity magazines.

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  1. CountryGent

    Handgun sports most germane to preparedness?

    As most know (and some love) there are a great variety of shooting sports featuring the handgun, such as bullseye, IPSC, IDPA, steel challenge, ICORE, metallic silhouettes, CAS, bowling pins, etc. Beyond the fun factor, which ones do you think are most germane to preparation for a disaster...
  2. cHaOsReX

    Why join IDPA for $50 a year?

    I'd like to start going to competitions. I'm a member of TCGC and I see they offer IDPA matches but it appears that to participate in the IDPA matches one must also be an IDPA member. Membership is $50 a year. Their web site doesn't give any information on what that $50 gives you. Can someone...
  3. RicInOR

    IDPA @ TC 2019

    SCHEDULE 2019 Schedule – Tri-County Defensive Pistol League Contact the MD if you have not participated at Tri-County IDPA before - you need a gate code and to take a shooters orientation. Tri-County Defensive Pistol League – IDPA, Portland, Oregon ** No High Muzzle Reloads*** $20 to play...
  4. jlhopwo

    Trying to understand IDPA rules on PCC...

    So, if I understand the rules correctly, then the Extar EP9 does not qualify as a PCC because it's not a rifle? I don't get this at all! Can anyone help me understand this? Thanks!
  5. Vantage Reload

    Vantage Reloading Checking in

    Hey all! Michael Hallak here, looking forward to connect with you folks and to post about the reloading projects that I'm turning out. I'm a member at a bunch of ranges in WA so I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of you (SVRC, both Cascades, WCA, and Rock Lake). Cheers Michael
  6. C

    Renton IDPA - March 17, 2018

    New video is up and this time I changed the music selection as some people *cough* Jeedia *cough* didn't like the last choice. LOL But that was kind of the point, memorable music for a memorable moment. JK!!! Everyone please enjoy the video where Jeedia, aka RED, beats me. We are about to start...
  7. easy-e

    2018 WA State IDPA Championship at FAS - August 11/12

    Registration just opened today, Thursday, 3/1 @ 0800 Pacific. Register on Practiscore: 2018 Washington State IDPA Championship - Tier 3 The WA State IDPA Championship is going to be held at the Firearms Academy of Seattle in Onalaska this year instead of Renton.
  8. ron

    IDPA Reloads? Zero Down

    Working on a IDPA 9 mm reloads. Accuracy of my 9 mm reloads are excellent with 124 JHP Remington golden saber.:) But these bullets are exspensive and hard to find. :( I am trying to get the same accuracy with some cheaper bullets. I have some Berry's plated bullets (.356 ) and some Missouri...
  9. R

    IDPA and ASI competition at Renton Fish & Game Club

    The North West Practical Pistol Association (NWPPA) has been a fixture in Seattle-area competition since the 1970s. Operating for many years as an IPSC, and later, USPSA affiliate at Interlake Sporting Association in Kirkland, NWPPA has in more recent years conducted IDPA matches at Renton Fish...
  10. RicInOR

    IDPA @ TC 2018

    2018 Schedule – Tri-County Defensive Pistol League I note the match fee has increased. $20 for a regular division or $25 if you want one specialty and one regular division. Times, dates, locations at the above link.
  11. C

    The Western Regional IDPA Championship

    Recently, I’ve run into some people (local and from across the country) that have acknowledged viewing my videos. I want to say a BIG thank you for the kind words and I will continue to work on producing and putting out better and better videos. I’m learning a lot with just tinkering around and...
  12. RicInOR

    IDPA @ TC Sat 12-2

    Oregon TCDPL December 2nd IDPA Match Dec 2, 9:00am - 12:00pm Tri-County Defensive Pistol League 13050 SW Tonquin Rd Sherwood, OR 97140 Map ***NO MUZZLES OVER THE BERM*** $15.00 to Play Click on the "Tickets Available" Link to pre-register. Divisions: SSP, ESP, CCP, CDP, REV, BUG, COD, LLD...
  13. RicInOR

    IDPA @ TC Sat 11-4

    Oregon TCDPL November 4th IDPA Match Tri-County Defensive Pistol League – IDPA, Portland, Oregon If you haven't been before, contact the organizers at one of the above links. Search this forum for FAQ info.
  14. RicInOR

    IDPA @ TC Sat 10-7

    Tri-County Defensive Pistol League – IDPA, Portland, Oregon If you have not come out before, please contact the organizers at the above link. Search thru the other IDPA threads for FAQ Answers. =9"]Search Results for Query: IDPA @ TC | Northwest Firearms - Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Gun...
  15. C

    WA State IDPA Championship

    Sorry for the delay in posting this video. I've had it completed for about a week and a half but for some reason never posted it. I'm pretty pleased with my performance at this match and I'll take 2nd place CCP (EX/Division) and High Military. Throughout the day my stages felt slow and as if I...
  16. NWGlockgal

    IDPA BBQ Match

    Anyone else going tomorrow?
  17. C

    Renton IDPA - July 15, 2017

    Here's the video from the match last weekend. Too many points down and that NoShoot hurt. For such a quick match I need to be more focused. There's so many noticeable areas to make up time throughout the match and that's why we record them. Missed shots, not counting rounds/dropping the striker...
  18. RicInOR

    IDPA @ TC 5 AUG 17 Regular Match

    8/5/17 Regular Match Tri-County Defensive Pistol League – IDPA, Portland, Oregon
  19. bbbass

    Wanted: opinions on the new IDPA Classifier vs the old one

    Just shot the new IDPA Classifier the Saturday. Not sure I like the changes, but then I always hated the classifier. Drills are just not my thing.
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