Steel targets are shooting targets for firearms made out of hardened (martensitic) steel, and are used in sports such as cowboy action shooting, practical/dynamic shooting and for long range shooting, as well as recreational plinking. They are popular in both training and competitions because the shooter gets instant feedback on a hit in the form of sound, and one can also often see the bullet getting pulverized and the target moving. Hanging or self-resetting targets also have the advantage that the shooter need not go forward to tape the targets, making it a good option for shooting ranges that otherwise have electronic targets. Steel targets also are weather proof, contrary to paper targets that do not hold up when wet.

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  1. Armchair Operator

    Help with AR500 targets

    I have a handful of AR500 targets (3/8 and 1/2 in thick) that need a 3/4in hole placed in them to accomodate my new target stand. Anyone have the tools needed to help with this? I`m willing to pay or trade for ammo. Thanks, AO
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