In the military and in shooting, target practice are exercises in which weapons are shot at a target. The purpose of such exercises is to improve the aim or the weapons handling expertise of the person firing the weapon.
Targets being shot at for practice include:

with hand guns: shooting targets,
by air forces or air defense forces: target drones and target tugs,
by navies: seaborne targets.

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  1. TristanJ1221

    Best bolt action caliber.

    Hi y'all! I'm looking at getting a Christensen arms MPR in either 6mm or 6.5creedmoor. but I can't decide which would be the best. I've heard 6mm is way smoother out to 1000yds though. But maybe there's a better caliber for it to get out there I was also thinking 338 Lapua but not really sure...
  2. Roymil666

    Trigger time during hunting seasons

    Pretty simple concept here as the title states. Where do you guys get your trigger time in during the hunting seasons? I try not to do too much shooting at local spots to be courteous to hunters, and try not to get accidentally shot. The most obvious answer is clubs/ranges but if you don't have...
  3. J

    Ammo Recommendation for Target Practice

    My 15 year old asked to go target shooting to try the ar15 for the first time; WOOHOO! So, took him and the wife for a weekend outing. A 1000 rounds of .223 PMC Bronze later, and I am out. Although the ammo was fairly decent, it seems to be fairly dirty making cleaning a bugger (I have had...
  4. G8rHunter

    What Shooting Stabilizer Has Been Most Effective For You?

    I am considering a shooting rest and wondering what is worth the money and what is junk? I have seen shooter's using sand bags, short bipods, as well as fairly expensive shooting rests. I have seen a few shooting rests online for around $60, but not sure about the quality. I am retired, so I...
  5. G8rHunter

    Uses For 00 Buckshot

    A friend just gave me a case of 00 buckshot (200). I checked the search on this forum and there's not much, nor is it clear to me. It appears that it is more of a home defense type of ammo, and it is illegal to use for deer in Oregon. Besides, it sounds like 00 buckshot obliterates whatever is...
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