In all modern states, some land is held by central or local governments. This is called public land. The system of tenure of public land, and the terminology used, varies between countries. The following examples illustrate some of the range.

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  1. FATAL125

    Public Shooting Spot Moses Lake, WA.

    Hello NWF friends. I'm going to be moving to Moses Lake in the very near future. Curious if any of you know of any good outdoor public land spots to go shooting within a reasonable distance of there? Here on the west side, I normally will head up the North Fork into Snoqualmie National. I've...
  2. BrandonOR

    Public Land Life

    Tough Morning goose hunting today. Got setup early but not too early, wasn't trying to fight anyone for a spot and of there was someone there I would leave. It was empty, awesome! I setup my decoys and get comfortable and start listening and then I hear a volley of fire, I'm talking 3 to 6...
  3. sidbruh

    Shooting Spots Near Moscow, Idaho/Pullman,Washington.

    Does anyone know where to go shooting out near Moscow, ID, Pullman, WA area? Preferably somewhere in the mountains or in a big open field. I have googled searched shooting spots out here but those posts were at least 5-7 years. I would like to stay away from indoor shootings ranges because I...
  4. Cogs

    Info for shooting on public lands...

    Trash No Land Trash No Land Home About Us Saving and improving places to shoot on Public Lands. Trash No Land is a Washington-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in recreational target shooting, toward the critical goal of protecting and...
  5. CantTouchThis

    Where art thou .kml BLM and public lands for Google Earth?

    I do not understand where OnX gets those nice overlays on their maps for Oregon and other states for that matter. I've been looking all over. All I could find was Hunting Access Map Which is very useful, but we can't mark spots on this without comparing it to google maps and marking it...
  6. R

    Spot for Tossing Clay Targets

    Hello! I'm a new firearm owner. I love shooting clay targets: skeet, trap, SC, you name it. However, the hours and prices of trap and skeet clubs don't allow me to shoot as much as I'd like. Do any of the well known Oregon outdoor shooting spots offer an opportunity to launch some clay targets &...
  7. IOM

    Interior Orders More Access to Public Lands for American Hunters, Fishers, Outdoorsmen

    Department of Interior Orders More Access to Public Lands for Americans
  8. Cogs

    WA... Positive news for WA public lands target shooting!

    The headquarters office of Washington State Dept of Natural Resources, Commissioner Hilary Franz's staff, invited me to a meeting in Olympia to discuss a potential partnership with DNR and the Trash No Land organization. We met yesterday, the 15th. The focus was on how we could team up on...
  9. Cogs

    Public Lands Shooting Closures Thread...

    If you're planning on target practice in this fire season hot weather, or just plain 'ol fun shooting on public land, check this thread before you go... 2018 Shooting Area Fire Closures
  10. M

    Oregon  Initiative Petition 43: Bans Shooting on Public Lands and all Hunting with 'Assault Weapons'?

    I am reading the newest Initiative Petition 43 filed on 22-Mar-18 and I noted something that no one in the gun community is really talking about. This initiative seems to also ban hunting and recreational shooting on public lands with any so-defined 'Assault Weapon'. The text essentially says...
  11. M

    Initiative Petition 43: Bans Hunting and All Shooting on Public Lands with 'Assault Weapons'?

    Sorry, posted this in the wrong place. See thread regarding 'pending' law.
  12. Walter Sobchak

    Public lands cleanup targets needed - Gambler 500

    I'm trying to organize a pretty bad-arse opportunity to make a real impact on on some of the trash filled shooting pits in the Cascade range. July 15th-16th, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 brave souls will leave PDX, and drive 250 miles on & off pavement to an overnight rally point in...
  13. that guy

    Enjoy your public lands while you can

    :s0117: Field & Stream: Trump Administration’s Vision for BLM Lands: Energy Extraction First and Foremost
  14. Zens

    S.1510 Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act - WASHINGTON

    OPPOSE! Here we go once again... another crap version of this 2010 bill that just will not die. This time however, it is gaining steam. Don't get me wrong, I love a healthy and balanced forest and believe some protections hold value and are/may be necessary to ensure these lands last for...
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