Nagant may refer to:
Fabrique d'armes Émile et Léon Nagant, defunct Belgian manufacturer of firearms and cars (1859-1931)
Mosin–Nagant, bolt-action infantry rifle
Nagant M1895, 7-shot gas-seal revolver
Nagant wz. 30, Polish-made derivative of the M1895 revolver

7.62×38mmR, proprietary gas-seal ammunition designed for the M1895 revolver
7.5mm 1882 Ordnance, 7.5mm cartridge designed for the Swiss military

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  1. Aero Denezol

    Chernobyl Miniseries HBO * Mosin Nagant 91/30 in the Ukraine

    I recently finished watching the excellent HBO Miniseries “Chernobyl”. In Episode 4, there is a team of occupation/containment troops armed with 91/30’s whose job it was to hunt and kill radioactive pets (and other wild animals). Does anybody know more about this? Anyway, it’s my understanding...
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