Mall (/mɔːl/ or /mæl/) may refer to a shopping mall, a strip mall, a pedestrian street, or an esplanade (a long open area where people can walk).

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  1. U

    Oregon  20 yr old Eugene, OR man attempts to gun down girlfriend outside Valley River Center Shopping Mall

    A 20 yr old man from Eugene, OR by the name of Ashton Isaiah Johnson, fired six shots from a handgun at his girlfriend, outside the Valley River Center Shopping Mall yesterday afternoon. A witness called police, as the woman ran inside the shopping mall, pursued by her boyfriend. Eugene police...
  2. slimmer13

    Other State  Active shooter reported an Texas mall

    Zero details Active shooter reported at Texas border town shopping mall
  3. MDL

    50th Anniversary Commemoration of The Vietnam War Ceremony, Vancouver Mall

    Hey There, I wasn't sure where to post this and wanted to get the word out to show our support. Tomorrow Saturday April 7th at the Vancouver Mall from 1-3 there will be a Ceremony for our Vietnam Veterans. Commemoration of the Vietnam War Ceremony It would be great if your out and about...
  4. RicInOR

    Other State  Updated Information on Oaks Mall Shooting

    Updated Information on Oaks Mall Shooting from Ventura County Sheriff's Office : Nixle TL;dr - the Sheriff provided the handgun used to kill a woman - Sheriff failed to follow judges order. So, clearly we need to ban guns because the Sheriff's across the nation don't bother to do what they...
  5. No_Regerts

    How to Get a Blank Stare from a Mall Ninja

    Notice those guys who seem to spend thousands of dollars making SPR clones or M40 clones and get everything painted “battle worn”? If you are tired of them blabbing on and on about the new 18 inch rail they put on their SBR..... Just ask them how their gun shoots!
  6. ATCclears

    IED at Florida mall

    LAKE WALES, Fla - An improvised explosive device (IED) goes off at Eagle Ridge Mall. Lake Wales fire responded to and alarm call that turned into a structure fire call at around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. When fire crews arrived on scene they saw smoke coming from a corridor located next to the mall...
  7. partsed

    Mall shooter found dead in cell

    The 20 year old that shot and killed 2 or 3 people last year at the mall in Washington state, was found dead in his cell. Evidently he hung himself or had some help!!
  8. ATCclears

    Lynnwood, WA - second stabbing at Alderwood Mall in one month

    <broken link removed>
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