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  1. bsa1917hunter

    Dang prices are low!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share some recent experiences I've had when visiting some local gunshops. It seems the prices are at or near rock bottom on some of the rifles I really like and use. I'll give some examples of some rifles I've seen in the last 2 weeks. 1. Stainless Tikka CTR 308w with...
  2. PNWguy

    Truck prices...

    Doing some dreaming of when I can upgrade my daily driver. Currently have a 2005 GMC Yukon in great shape with only 95k miles on it. Works great for everyday and towing my little pop-up camper or utility trailer with my Honda Pioneer in it. It's also great for hauling around my best friend; a...
  3. Timbertodd

    Amazon and Optic Prices

    I am looking at a Crimson Trace laser for my G43. Looking at online retailers and talking with local sources the price seems to runs from $210-$280 depending on the retailer. Amazon has the same item for $180. I have read there are issues with counterfeit Leupold scopes. does this appear to be a...
  4. O

    Brass prices?

    I have alot of sized brass that I pick up at local ranges . I go thru it clean it size it. Here is the question . What prices do I need to charge to get this stuff moving. Brass scrap weight is right around $1.80 a pound I lose a lot of weight cleaning the dirt off and removing primers maybe...
  5. Vaultman

    mis-marked prices

    I have a tendency to find items in stores that have mis-marked price tags. Usually a tool or something. Recently, I have scored a Milwaukee Circular Saw for 99 bucks that should have been makred $199. I scored a Yeti 160 for $549 instead of what it should have been, $679. Well today I saw a big...
  6. Chee-to

    CMP releases surplus 1911 information, prices

    CMP releases surplus 1911 information, prices 5/10/18 | by Chris Eger U.S. martial M1911s were in production from 1912-1945 from companies as diverse as Ithaca, Remington-UMC, Singer, and US&S. (Photo: National Archives) The Civilian Marksmanship Program is set to offer to the public 8,000...
  7. joken

    Shot prices?

    I am getting a lot of new, old stock lead shot. What is this stuff selling for these days for casting?
  8. LuckySG

    Prices in December will remain Black Friday low

    Let's keep it simple at least until new years. Any price listed on this forum for black friday is good through 12/31/17 if that item is still in stock. The deal for cyber monday will also carry through to end of year. Need something that is not on my site? (I have out of stock items turned...
  9. oldcorpgunny

    Used Gun Prices

    This thread usually raises it's head every couple of years. I'm occasionally stunned by the prices that some folks are asking for their firearms. I fell like posting something on their ad that says, "are you completely nuts?" Guns go up in value if they're rare highly desirable or unusual. A...
  10. joken

    Gun prices

    Got the Sportsman's Warehouse ad today. AR $399, Remington 1911 $449 with the $100 rebate from Remington. Gun manufacturers must be feeling the pain of nobama.
  11. Papa

    Ammo prices are rising!!

    Well, for this guy they are...
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