Double may refer to:
Look-alike, a person who closely resembles another person
Body double, someone who substitutes for the credited actor of a character
Doppelgänger, ghostly double of a living person
Polish Enigma doubles, replicating the function of Nazi Germany's cipher machines
Double, a bet which combines two selections; see Glossary of bets offered by UK bookmakers#Double
Double, a former fraction of the Guernsey pound
Double, a former rank of a liturgical feast in the Roman Rite

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  1. Roundball58

    Pedersoli 20ga flint double FINALLY arrived

    Been waiting awhile for this one and wasn't going to let a little rain stop me from shooting it. Couple of quick shots on the patterning board and then over to the 5 stand. Seems to have pretty quick ignition and swings nicely. Comb is a little lower than my suppository shotguns and tends to...
  2. ilikegunspdx

    S&W out the front assist double-edged knife

    Saw these on optics planet. Looks like fun toy for $38: Smith & Wesson M&P Out The Front Spear 3.5in Assisted Opening Folding Knives Up to 38% Off — 2 models
  3. notazombie

    Fixed  Infinite loop -- double posts

    This morning the site has been locking up when I hit "post". Hit it again and it double posts...or triple. I've had to leave the site and come back to get it unstuck. Been noticing double posts by other members so I know it isn't just me.
  4. Fieryotaku

    Are Binary triggers or double tap triggers legal in Oregon?

    I noticed that franklin armory and several others do not have Oregon on the list of restricted states. I want a double tap trigger for my kriss vector but dont want to risk the ATF shooting my dog can you help me out.
  5. hybred1965

    Double Trap Clay Target Thrower

    Do-All Trap Thrower Double clay targets able to be mounted into standard 2 inch trailer hitch 3 pivot Mount allows you to throw targets in all directions at any angle. $100 firm call John 503-319-2810
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