Thrower may refer to:
Dalton Thrower (born 1993), Canadian ice hockey defenceman
Debbie Thrower (born 1957), British television presenter
Edd Thrower (born 1982), English rugby union footballer
Francis Thrower Fairey (1887–1971), Canadian politician, member of the Canadian House of Commons
Michael Robertson (discus thrower) (born 1983), male athlete from the United States
Norma Thrower (born 1936), retired Australian hurdler
Percy Thrower MBE (1913–1988), British gardener, horticulturist, broadcaster and writer
Peter Thrower (born 1938), professor emeritus of materials science and engineering at Pennsylvania State University
Randolph W. Thrower (born 1913), partner at law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Stephen Thrower (born 1963), English musician and author
Thomas Thrower (1870–1917), Australian politician
Willie Thrower (1930–2002), American football quarterback

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  1. hybred1965

    Double Trap Clay Target Thrower

    Do-All Trap Thrower Double clay targets able to be mounted into standard 2 inch trailer hitch 3 pivot Mount allows you to throw targets in all directions at any angle. $100 firm call John 503-319-2810
  2. M

    Is there a place I could set up a clay thrower close to Van/PDX?

    I’m looking for a spot within a 30-45 min drive to break some clays on weekday mornings. Thanks for the help.
  3. CountryGent

    Boring Co. Brand Flamethrower?

    So, supposedly Elon Musk has invented a flamethrower that will be available for $600. Real or not? Who knows, though the release is in April, so ... Pic of the alleged gadget: CNet has some details here. Who knows, maybe after thirty years of waiting, we finally have Spaceballs the...
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