1. oremike

    A good piece of kit or a pig in a poke?

    Today I ordered a Speedy Sticher thinking that it would be handy for fixing cloth and leather stuff. Anybody have one, if so what do you think of it. What sparked my interest is I have a folding camp chair that the stitching gave out on one side of the seat and my wife's repairs haven't held. a...
  2. 21tango

    Lets see your 3 favorite shooters and a pig sticker

    My 3 favorite include a 1 DW valor 45. Gotta be the best value in the 1911 market. 2 A cz tactical sport orange. Cant say enough about the quality of this gun. It has a outstanding trigger.1/2 inch groups all day long at 25 yards. It is a competition ready gun. 3 1979 S&W model 28. This was a...
  3. alemos

    Guided pig hunt recommendations

    So maybe not quite Northwest(unless y’all know a pig hunting honey hole nearby) but I was hoping to get some recommendations for maybe an outfit that does guided/semi guided pig hunts. Anywhere from California to Florida going to be a gift to myself. Thanks in advance.
  4. orygun

    Lipstick on a pig? What to do with a banged up ol Marlin 25.

    Upon @Spitpatch 's nudging, I picked up this Marlin a couple of weeks before Christmas. I bought it for my rapidly growing grandson, which was the generational note Spitpatch's remarks were geared to... Christmas was very close. The kid's presents already purchased and wrapped. Lucky for my...
  5. HaveGun

    Glock Pig Nose; does it bother you?

    For those not familiar, "Pig Nose" refers to the condition that some Glocks come with from the factory in which the front portion of the polymer frame has a slight curve upwards, rather than being straight. Like this: I've been fortunate in that none of the Glock pistols I've purchased over...
  6. kbf64

    Flaming Pig good?

    Anyone like the Noveske NX5 muzzle device for a pistol build?
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