A scout is a soldier performing reconnaissance and other support duties.
Scout may also refer to:

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  1. CountryGent

    Ruger Scout Rifle

    Whilst wandering about Ruger's site for an unrelated project, I happened upon this: Hmmm ... .308 Winchester, 10-rounds, light, and already threaded for a can. (The silencer I have in the pipeline will handle this cartridge as well.) I've been kicking around something in 7.62㎜ NATO for a...
  2. T

    Ruger Scout 308 - $500

    Ruger Scout 308, original version with wood stock. $500 plus you pay FFL stuff. I have a bit of quality 308 I will sell cheap to the buyer as well. Washington County preferred. I'm between Forest Grove and Tigard regularly.
  3. GOG

    My Accidental Scout Rifle, Post your Scouts

    I've always liked the concept and Col. Jeff Cooper was a big proponent. So I was looking at Scout Rifles because, you know, guns, when I realized I already had one, my Gibbs #7 Jungle Carbine. It's short & handy, holds ten rounds of .308 and has a slick action. (It's a 1962 Ishapore Mk. II &...
  4. GOG

    M1A Scout @ PSA $1249.

    Like the title says. It comes with the black synthetic stock. $1249. Is a pretty good price for a Scout. PSA is Palmetto State Armory if you don't know. They are a mega online AR parts and firearm outfit. Prices are excellent for the most part and customer service is great. I've never had an...
  5. Mygrainman

    WTT WA  Need a Surefire TAN M600 & other “clone” parts

    SOPMOD Block2 build in progress and I need a few things. -Surefire M600 Scout light...has to be tan/FDE surefire weapon light -CQD end plate and rail mount sling attachment. -Coyote LMT or B5 Sopmod stock.. Have a Black B5 to trade or? -Tan PEQ15(eventually) or a really good fake I have a...
  6. coyotecaller

    WTB WA  CVA Scout V2 pistol in 300Blackout

    Have been looking for one and now seeing if someone here might have one that they would be willing to sell. Any help is appreciated
  7. wakejoe

    Daniel Defense DD5v1 16" 7.62, Nightforce 2.5-10x42, SPHUR mount, Geiselle DMR, Surefire Scout

    $4000 As the title says; turn key ready to go rifle. I spent a lot of time setting this rifle up perfectly. Only high quality components. Not in the title: Magpul offset flip-ups, AAD Scope covers, Magpul stock and grip, Mad Scientist muzzle brake. This rifle shoots like a dream. Wouldn't be...
  8. D

    SIG loses to CZ...

    Finally made it to the range yesterday for the big shoot-off between my Sig P220 and my CZ PCR. Also had my 97 BD along, and a friend joined me with his CZ 75B Omega. Bottom line, these are all excellent pistols, all are reliable and fun to shoot. But in my hands, the CZ's just shoot better...
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