Gunsite is a privately run firearms training facility based in Yavapai County, Arizona, just south-west of Paulden in the United States. It offers tuition-funded instruction in handgun, carbine, rifle and shotgun shooting, as well as other specialty firearms. Located on a 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) facility, Gunsite has classroom, indoor and outdoor firing simulators, and various pistol and long-barrel ranges. There is also an on-site pro shop and gunsmith.

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  1. WillametteWill

    Old dog new tricks, Gunsite 250 Pistol

    After decades of dreaming about attending a class at Gunsite I finally made it a few weeks ago with my bride (@SouthernGirl ). I decided well before arriving that I was going to be completely open and try everything suggested. Old dogs can learn new tricks. To keep this short and not too...
  2. Seattle206

    Anybody here have a suppressed Ruger Gunsite?

    Ordered an AAC 7.62 SDN-6 silencer and the standard socket AAC flash hider for my 16.1" bbl Ruger Gunsite. AAC said that only their standard socket flash hider will work with the scout rifle due to its unique barrel shoulder/fsb combo. I'm going to install the AAC flash hider tomorrow but the...
  3. NWGlockgal

    Other State  Quickbooks severs ties with GunSite

    Not only are they cutting ties, they are in essence stealing money from GunSite. I hope GS goes after them with a major lawsuit. Intuit QuickBooks Severs Ties with Gunsite Academy, Reverses Tens of Thousands in Credit Card Charges. Because Guns - The Truth About Guns
  4. WillametteWill

    Gunsite Ladies Pistol Class

    I'm posting for @SouthernGirl in the Women Shooter forum. She is attending the Ladies Pistol class at Gunsite this week (3-day class followed by a 2-day class). She doesn't have the time to post due to the busy days (and homework at night) so I'm going to plan on posting a daily recap of the...
  5. WillametteWill

    Gunsite Women's Handgun Class - Daily Report

    So these reports are being relayed to my by @SouthernGirl, who is attending a week long (technically a 3-day followed by a 2-day) class for women shooters at Gunsite this week. She doesn't have much time to post as they are busy days and homework at night. She has tried to attend two other...
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