Cleanup, clean up or clean-up may refer to:
Cleanup template, a Wikipedia template messages to inform readers and editors of specific problems with articles or sections
Cleaning, making clean and free from dirt
Clean-up, a part of the workflow in the production of hand-drawn animation
A cleanup hitter in baseball
Clean Up Records, a record label
Environmental remediation, the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media

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  1. Awrig6

    Cleanup Needed Desperately at Jones Creek Public shooting area Vancouver

    Alright Boys. Jones creek has gotten really really bad the last few times I have been up there. We always haul away a few bags of trash but there is so much crap up there it really needs a dump trailer and a crew to spend the day. Broken Glass, People dumping trash, shooting appliances and...
  2. Hardcore_rucke

    Campsite cleanup!

    Went dispersed camping off FR-44 near mt hood this weekend, beautiful meadow campsite, then me and my sweetie noticed a ton of brass all over, proceeded to pick up as many shells as we could. Just trying to do our part to keep the forest clean. Hope everyone had a good weekend!
  3. Cogs

    Salmonberry Rd Cleanup July 20th, 2019

    ODF, Trash No Land, & Oregon Hunters Assoc. (Tualatin Chapter) Salmonberry Cleanup! Google Maps to Meeting Place: Google Maps GPS: 45°46'28.7"N 123°24'33.7"W Hosted by: Tillamook State Forest, Forest Grove Office Organized by: Trash No Land and Oregon Hunters Assoc, Tualatin Valley...
  4. Cogs

    4-20-19 36 PIT CLEANUP

    April 20, 2019, 9 AM - 12 Noon 36 Pit Cleanup, Mt Hood National Forest, Hwy 224 at the 36 Pit. Sponsored by; Trash No Land, USFS Mt Hood National Forest, Clackamas County Dump Stoppers. Web Event Page: 4-20-19 36 Pit Cleanup Google Maps: Google Maps 11 mi East of Estacada...
  5. Kruel J

    Convo cleanup

    I just "left" all but 10 of the convos in my inbox. It was chock full of so many and honestly I barely remembered most. If you feel I left before things were resolved, please convo me again. Mmmmkay? :D
  6. Cogs

    NF Wolf Creek Lane Closure Cleanup Sat, Nov 3rd, 2018...

    We're going to clean up the shooting lanes at North Fork Wolf Creek Rd shooting lanes so they are clean for the contractor to do his thing on Lane 3. All 4 lanes will be closed to the public starting Sat morning, for contractor safety while working, but we will have exclusive use to play after...
  7. Cogs

    Mary's Peak Cleanup 9-23-18

    We will be cleaning up the gravel pit on Mary’s Peak Road at the Rock Quarry at Mile Post Four where a lot of target shooting takes place and needs our stewardship attention. Win some awesome prizes in our free raffle! We encourage you to support our vendors who graciously donated to furthering...
  8. Cogs

    Cleanup at Tillamook Beaver Dam Rock Quarry

    We will be cleaning up the Browns Camp gravel pit, (Beaver Dam Rock Quarry in The Tillamook State Forest), where a lot of target shooting takes place and needs our stewardship attention. Win some awesome prizes in our free raffle! We encourage you to support our vendors who graciously donated...
  9. Cogs

    Milller Quarry Cleanup, Welches OR, June 23, 2018.

    Miller Rd, Welches, Google Maps: Google Maps GPS: 45.366495, -122.007198 Directions: From Sandy, Oregon, Head East on US Hwy 26 E, 14 miles (16 mins) to Right on Miller Rd. Follow ‘Cleanup’ direction signs. Details: Join Trash No Land, Clackamas County Dump Stoppers and the Bureau of Land...
  10. Delasangre4231

    Miller Rd Welches OR cleanup and improper shooting

    So I am not sure where to post this but I've lived on the mountain all my life, now in Oregon City. I still come up to the mountain because it's all I can get to without a truck and the ranges and clubs want a small fortune to use their facility. This last weekend I drove up to Miller Rd, I was...
  11. Cogs

    Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes Spring Cleanup!

    Wolf Creek Lanes Spring Cleanup! North Fork Wolf Creek Rd in Tillamook State Forest Sat, May 12, 2018. 9 AM to 1 PM Google Maps: GPS: 45°46'59.5"N 123°21'54.6"W Hwy 26 West, 35 miles from the Hwy 217 junction at Beaverton. Turn Right onto North Fork...
  12. Cogs

    CLEANUP MT HOOD 4-22-18

    Earth Day on The Hood! A Cleanup in Mt. Hood National Forest Sunday, April 22, 2018. 9 AM to 1 PM Google Maps: GPS: 45° 9'58.13"N, 122° 9'19.39"W 14 miles up river from Estacada on Hwy 224. Look for the direction signs. Meet in a large parking area...
  13. Cogs

    Cleanup Jones Creek Area April 14, 2018

    Cleanup Jones Creek Area, Yacolt Burn State Forest, WA. Rescheduled to: Sat 4-14-18, 9 AM - 1 PM (Same place, Same time, Same good deeds! Just a different date!) edited 4-5-18 Meeting Place: At Jones Creek Trail Head parking lot on the L-1610 road. Google Maps: Google Maps GPS...
  14. Ruben4864

    Larch Mountain Cleanup in SW Washington's Yacolt Burn State Forest 2018?

    I don't want to miss it this year, does any body know anything yet? Thanks!
  15. Cogs

    Win A Buck Mark 22 at this CLEANUP EVENT!

    We will be cleaning up outdoor target shooting sites. WA DNR will provide bags, garbage disposal, insurance, a free 1 day Discover Pass parking permits and hours will be applied toward a free annual Discover Pass. Hunters, Target Shooters, Families & General Public! All are invited and all...
  16. Walter Sobchak

    Public lands cleanup targets needed - Gambler 500

    I'm trying to organize a pretty bad-arse opportunity to make a real impact on on some of the trash filled shooting pits in the Cascade range. July 15th-16th, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 brave souls will leave PDX, and drive 250 miles on & off pavement to an overnight rally point in...
  17. S

    Greenwater, WA Cleanup 10/08/16 9am

    The Forest service is looking for volunteers to help clean up the shooting areas on FS 70 near Green Water this Saturday October 8th starting at 9am. Let's help them clean up before they close down these areas for good.
  18. Cogs

    Cleanup Tillamook North Fork Wolf Creek

    Event thread is posted in the Events & Get Togethers section: Cleanup and Celebration at North Fork Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes! - Aug 27 2016 (
  19. Cogs

    Mt Hood Cleanup Party

    This event is located in the Events & Get Togethers section: Mt Hood Cleanup Party - Jul 23 2016 (
  20. Cogs

    Cleanup in WA Yacolt Burn Forest

    This event is posted in the Events & Get Together's section...
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