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Wolf Creek is an unincorporated community in Josephine County, Oregon, United States, just off Interstate 5.
There are a number of creeks in Oregon named Wolf Creek, after the wolves that were once abundant in the state. Wolf Creek post office was established 1882, while a railroad station called "Almaden" was located in the same place in 1883. The station was renamed to match the post office in 1888, and in 1895 the post office was renamed to "Wolfcreek" until 1951.
The pioneer-era "Six Bit House" was an inn located on the Applegate Trail that passed through Wolf Creek area long before it had a post office. The original Six Bit House was probably built in 1853, near a hairpin turn of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The inn went through several incarnations until the present Wolf Creek Tavern was built in about 1883. The site, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is now run by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department as the Wolf Creek Inn State Heritage Site and is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the state.

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  1. Mike97124

    North Fork Wolf Creek Area Looking for Black Ford Ranger

    Several of us were up at North Fork Wolf Creek this afternoon to shoot and as we were cleaning up to leave, a truck stopped at the lane we were at and asked if we had seen a black Ford Ranger in the area. A friend and co-worker of theirs came up over the weekend to shoot and hasn't shown up...
  2. Mike97124

    Picking Up Brass at Wolf Creek (or anywhere)

    After I got done shooting at Wolf Creek on Monday, I did the usual policing my brass as well as any other I could pick up. One thing I noticed which was a little surprising (although to most it may not be) is how much live ammunition is on the ground. A lot of it was .22lr but some of it was...
  3. Mike97124

    Tried To Shoot At Wolf Creek This Morning

    My wife and I headed out to Wolf Creek this morning, hoping the chance of rain would keep people away long enough for us to grab a lane... no such luck. It appears a lot of people had the same idea as all lanes were busy when we go there. I had a bit of trouble getting out because there were so...
  4. Mike97124

    Shooting at North Fork Wolf Creek Sunday 11/25/18

    My wife and I went to the shooting area of Wolf Creek this morning. It was our first time shooting there and it was a beautiful sunny morning although lots of heavy fog back in Hillsboro. The first two areas were not being used with one shooter on the 3rd area and a group on the next one and...
  5. Cogs

    Fundraiser Wolf Creek Lanes 1 & 4

    Help us improve North Fork Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes! Tillamook State Forest. Full details in the video and web page. Wolf Creek Fundraiser
  6. Cogs

    NF Wolf Creek Lane Closure Cleanup Sat, Nov 3rd, 2018...

    We're going to clean up the shooting lanes at North Fork Wolf Creek Rd shooting lanes so they are clean for the contractor to do his thing on Lane 3. All 4 lanes will be closed to the public starting Sat morning, for contractor safety while working, but we will have exclusive use to play after...
  7. Cogs

    NF Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes Upgrade Project...

    Delay after delay! Add this, add that! Cost is up there now! But wow, they will be so much better than the original build. Here's the low down... Original estimate of $10,220 was, what we thought last year, very reasonable based on the original construction cost that was around $30,000+ for...
  8. Cogs

    Temp closures at NF Wolf Creek Lanes

    First temporary closure will be Sat, 6-17-18. Lane 4 will be closed first, (9 AM) for about 2 hrs. Then we'll open lane 4 and close lane 3. A couple hours later, lane 2 and finally lane 1. We'll have signs posted a well. ODF & Trash No Land will be working at each site as we gather the final...
  9. Cogs

    Wolf Creek Shooting Lanes Spring Cleanup!

    Wolf Creek Lanes Spring Cleanup! North Fork Wolf Creek Rd in Tillamook State Forest Sat, May 12, 2018. 9 AM to 1 PM Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/o7iDNrcx9M92 GPS: 45°46'59.5"N 123°21'54.6"W Hwy 26 West, 35 miles from the Hwy 217 junction at Beaverton. Turn Right onto North Fork...
  10. nwwoodsman

    Encounter with typical gun owners blasting away at Wolf Creek

    Took my oldest boy shooting up at Wolf Creek today. It was crowded and up to the last lane we went, hoping to do some shooting at 100 yards. We were pretty disappointed when we saw two guys shooting, but they motioned that it was okay to set up next to them. As we got out of the vehicle, one...
  11. LuckySG

    Adjustable Metal Target Stands - Pick Some up on your way to Wolf Creek or Browns Camp

    Sometimes a little wind can mess with your plans to stay put and lay waste to some well chosen targets when you travel to a public shooting lane. Not anymore! Grab a few of these stands, some 1x2s for the uprights, and staple your targets up. All set! With multiple stands you can run wood...
  12. Reno

    North Fork Wolf Creek - Volunteers and Donations Needed

    Hey all, Oregon Deapartment of Forestey and Trash No Land are in need of some help. We are looking to perform some modifications to one of the sites as soon as possible as an experiment. Site 1 has a certain profile berm that was simply dumped dirt, not compacted, as well as bumps placed at...
  13. HowieDunnem

    Salmonberry & N Fork Wolf Creek Unsuccessful/Advice?

    Got a suggestion to try some outdoor shooting places out near Tillamook and ran into some snags. I first checked out Salmonberry but it was posted for no target shooting and the sign said the road was closed - nothing blocking it though. (Still lots of gun shots in background so not sure if I...
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