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Jones Creek is a village in Brazoria County, Texas, United States. The population was 2,020 at the 2010 census. It is the first location in Texas where Stephen F. Austin settled.

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  1. JustAndNguyen

    Jones Creek Clean Up, Before and After

    I went up to Jones Creek this morning and started to clean up a portion of it when Markus and Dayton pulled over to give me a hand. Afterwards we claimed our reward and shot their G45, G43x, P365xl, and more (cleaning after ourselves of course). Just wanted to share and remind yall to be a good...
  2. Awrig6

    Cleanup Needed Desperately at Jones Creek Public shooting area Vancouver

    Alright Boys. Jones creek has gotten really really bad the last few times I have been up there. We always haul away a few bags of trash but there is so much crap up there it really needs a dump trailer and a crew to spend the day. Broken Glass, People dumping trash, shooting appliances and...
  3. bababoris

    Jones creek trailhead open?

    Need to test out a few hand load after work. Is Yacolt Burn Larch Mountain open for me to be able to fire off a few magazines? I am in camas so that looks to be the closest option. TIA!
  4. Gunbuggy

    Jones creek ORV Trail? Open?

    Just bought a sweet quad. I’m looking to head up there one day this week if I can get the time off work (very unlikely) but wondering if anyone knows if it’s open or not due to this covid crap!
  5. Cogs

    Cleanup Jones Creek Area April 14, 2018

    Cleanup Jones Creek Area, Yacolt Burn State Forest, WA. Rescheduled to: Sat 4-14-18, 9 AM - 1 PM (Same place, Same time, Same good deeds! Just a different date!) edited 4-5-18 Meeting Place: At Jones Creek Trail Head parking lot on the L-1610 road. Google Maps: Google Maps GPS...
  6. DeGarmo

    Jones Creek/SW Washington Shooting

    I know that the trails are closed during the winter, but are we still able to shoot in the area? I was in the area and saw a big red CLOSED sign. If we can't shoot there right now, what are some other good areas to shoot at? Thanks!
  7. Zachausm47

    Larch mountain

    Getting tired finding bags of trash along the road way. People wonder why roads keep getting gated up by dnr and Weyerhaeuser then maybe they should treat the land right. I encourage reporting people you see dumping. I'm getting sick of loosing my favorite shooting spots. Please do don't shoot...
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