Larch Mountain is an extinct volcano near Portland, Oregon. The name is misleading, as no western larch (a large coniferous tree) can be found there. It received that name when early lumbermen sold the noble fir wood as larch. The peak can be reached between May and November on paved Larch Mountain Road, 16 miles (26 km) east of Corbett, Oregon, although the road is closed during the winter and spring months. The road leading to Larch Mountain from the Historic Columbia River Highway is 14 miles long, which closed at milepost 10 from Nov. through late May or early June due to snow.

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  1. Ruben4864

    Larch Mountain Cleanup in SW Washington's Yacolt Burn State Forest 2018?

    I don't want to miss it this year, does any body know anything yet? Thanks!
  2. M

    Can you hunt on larch mountain in corbette Oregon

    I am going coyote hunting tomorrow morning and was wonder can you hunt on larch mountain in corbette?
  3. Zachausm47

    Larch mountain

    Getting tired finding bags of trash along the road way. People wonder why roads keep getting gated up by dnr and Weyerhaeuser then maybe they should treat the land right. I encourage reporting people you see dumping. I'm getting sick of loosing my favorite shooting spots. Please do don't shoot...
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