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  1. D

    WWII US RIFLE STOCK? anyone ?

    Anyone know what it is and it's value?
  2. CountryGent

    Deckungszielgerät — Germany's WWII Trench Rifle System

    I was aware of those employed in the first go around, but hadn't seen much along those lines in the Big One. Rather wacky looking contraption.
  3. UnionMillsNW

    WWII Enemies...Now Side By Side

    This week I picked up a Type 99 Arisaka from another fine member on this site. Here it is next to its former foe: the M1 Garand. This Arisaka was made in 1942....produced while my grandfather recovered in the hospital from wounds sustained at Pearl Harbor. This past week I've thought a lot...
  4. Phred

    WWII Anderson Fighting Knife/Dagger Pics and History

    My Father entered the 1st Oregon air National Guard in 1940. The guard was federally activated into the AAF in April 1941. He eventually landed at Utah Beach in Normandy, and he carried this throughout his service from Portland Or. to the outskirts of Berlin. He was issued this knife/sword...
  5. CountryGent

    Richardson Industries Slamfire Guerrilla Shotguns

    Interesting history and I remember reading about their use in the resistance to Japanese occupation. I wasn't aware of a commercial offering, but, wow, I can see why these did sell well.
  6. Knute

    Oregon  WW2 Bring Back FFL Transfer Advice

    I am in talks about buying an actual WWII bring back of a “US Gov“ stamped WW1 era firearm. It’s with the original family and it appears there is no paper DD603 with it. I’m in Oregon, but can this transfer even be done or will the firearm get flagged and lost in Federal paperwork for years. Or...
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