Short Music for Short People is a 1999 compilation album released on the Fat Wreck Chords record label. It features 101 bands playing songs averaging approximately 30 seconds in length.
With a few exceptions, most of the album's tracks were written and recorded specifically for this release at the request of Fat Wreck Chords founder and NOFX bassist/vocalist Fat Mike. The compilation peaked at #191 on the Billboard 200.

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  1. B

    AR short barrel

    Colt 6933 Started looking at these. Both I looked at today had aftermarket kits(stock & Forend). Thoughts? I was told I need an approved FFL certificate - Class 3? to buy each item I'm interested in?
  2. gunnut38

    Remington Short Action Bolt Housing

    Like the title says, looking for a Remington short action bolt housing. Must be usable . Cash or trade .
  3. tac

    A short history of James Purdey, gunmakers to the royalty of Europe and the world

    In other words, a dissertation from the man who knows the company better than anyone else alive, on how a pair of guns that cost more than my house can be considered to be a genuine bargain.
  4. pigiron

    What are some good handguns for folks with very short fingers?

    My wife has extremely small hands and a short trigger finger. The reach on her J-frame is still a bit of a stretch. Do any of you have any recommendations for a handgun with an even shorter trigger reach? The SIG P938 fits but it would be nicer to find a striker fired gun preferably in at...
  5. A

    Great deal on pasta for short term preps.

    I visited a store called Mega Foods in Woodburn on Saturday near the Bimart. They had a bunch of dry pasta in 7oz packages that were priced at 7 packages for $1. That comes out to about 3lbs for a buck. If you are short on cash but want to put a way some calories (besides rice) for an emergency...
  6. Triton900

    Cerberus Training Group (a short review)

    Drove out on the 18th of Sept to attend a course at Cerberus Training Group (Cerberus Professional Training Group) in Goldendale WA. Thought I would post a short review on their “Run the Gun” pistol course. First, I must thank Steve Shields for allowing me to stay over night on his property...
  7. fstdraw

    .223 brass too short?

    I'm fussy about my reloads, I'm sure we all are. My question is about my recent purchase of several thousand spent rounds of .223/5.56 brass. About a third of the .223 stuff seems short, below my normal "throw out" of 1.749" and below. I just don't reload anything under 1.750", my trim-to...
  8. Gunbuggy

    Winchester 67 - 22 short / long / long rifle bolty

    Up for sale is something I bought thinking it would be a fun little plinker. Well, I haven’t taken it out since and I don’t think I ever will. I could use the money elsewhere. what you see is what you get. The rifle works I know that, I purchased it from Jon @ nw custom firearms and I put one...
  9. ilikegunspdx

    Short article on when u can use deadly force

    The Q was asked in a recent threat if you can respond with deadly force if someone maces you. Short answer, no you can't. “You’re still going to have to have the...
  10. A

    Cajun Gun Works Short Reset Trigger CZ P10-C

    This is the aluminum model. I am asking $50, they retail for $70 plus shipping.
  11. Sfc Jack

    US. WWII M1 Carbine Short Hip Holster

    Original, asking 200$ Local sale thanks Jack
  12. A

    Custom MPA Deviant Defiance Short Action Customs 6.5 CM

    Optic and Sphur Sold $4400 with 400 rounds of Hornady ELD match ammo and pelican case. $3950 without ammo and case Has exactly 38 rounds down the pipe. Like New Text or call if interested 360-220-2080
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