Length of pull (sometimes abbreviated as LOP) is the distance from the trigger to the part of a rifle or shotgun which fits against the shoulder of the shooter. Length of pull is an important ergonomic factor for ease of use; and optimum length of pull may vary with the size of the shooter, the thickness of chest clothing and body armor being worn, and whether the shooter is firing from a standing, sitting, or prone position.

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  1. DLS

    Length of pull on adjustable AR stock

    I've looked all over the net to get a handle on the LOP range for an AR with a typical (M4 style) adjustable stock. None of the vendors sites give clear numbers. Can someone give me a fairly accurate range? I'm asking because I have a very slight 12-year old daughter who wants to get into...
  2. shredjesse

    Hunting rifle, LOP and cheek weld issues

    Hey there, Trying to configure my Mossberg 100 ATR with a Nikon P308 scope. It has 4 inches of eye relief, which is nice and all, but the problem this is giving me is that the stock isn't long enough for that amount of eye relief. Also I had to mount the scope at a height that allows the bolt...
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